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Help your team do more with your data – on and off the pitch

Get a competitive edge in sports with your data. Our analytics database will give you a powerful and scalable platform – we can’t guarantee you’ll win trophies, but it will help you use everything at your disposal to reach your full potential. And we’ll be with you all the way – whether you work directly with the athletes and the coaching team, are involved with fan engagement, or need data to help fill your team’s stadium.

Bring together your expertise, experience and data

With our analytics database your coaching team can take things to the next level by combining their irreplaceable expertise with access to a whole new world of data on every aspect of the game – and gain vital advantages over your competitors.

Whether you want to tackle massive volumes of training data, going back a decade and covering multiple leagues, or you want to receive real-time updates during a match – the unrivalled power of our database makes it easy.

Saving your scouts time and adding value – with a data-driven process

We can help your scouts find the best players for your team by giving them fully data-driven processes and advanced analytics capabilities – including our feature, Skyline, that uses the power of algorithms to determine the optimal players within a dataset and given the preferences you define.

Using smart algorithms in this way helps to significantly reduce the time spent searching, because the process can be streamlined and optimised, giving your scouts a well-defined shortlist of players and a better chance at finding the right fit.

Really get to know your team’s fans – and give them the best possible experience

Fan engagement is the life blood of sport. Our solution helps optimise ticket sales through analytics while bringing data-driven strategies to merchandising, food and beverage revenue streams – and the wider engagement with fans in the stadium and on social media.

With all this data you can connect the dots across different customer experiences and get a more complete picture of behavioural patterns – and tailor your sales and marketing to match your fans’ preferences.

Connect with your ‘fanalysts’ – and get crucial insights from your most loyal supporters

Bring more data to your fans and help them become your fanalysts – giving you the option to set up hackathons and events, where you can use their passion and skills to engage with your data. Many teams now use the wider analytics community to tackle some of their toughest data challenges.

And with our analytics database you can setup a secure environment for providing and maintaining control of the data. It also allows your potential data expert recruits to use it when tackling analytics problems – with their technical and analytical expertise.

Improve your odds with predictive analytics

Sports betting means big business and if it’s your business then you have a real opportunity to benefit from our predictive analytics features and our ability to handle practically unlimited volumes of data.

Optimising your models with truly large datasets can result in significantly improved earnings.


Solution brochures and white papers

Discover how our technology has changed the way people interact with data sets – and given teams a platform for their big data analytics.


Football analytics with Exasol and Tableau

Data is a key driver for the success of sports teams and individuals – and it’s crucial to communicate the insights effectively. Watch our webinar to learn how you can do this through data visualizations – helping your decision-makers evaluate, understand and see how your players are performing.

Our data analytics platform at a glance

We have the world’s fastest data analytics platform, designed to give you the power, flexibility and scalability you need to get more value from your long-term data strategy in sports analytics.

More on our analytics database
  • Unrivalled performance

    Unlock analytics as fast as you think – and get unrivalled performance, anywhere you have data.

  • Significantly reduced TCO

    An intelligent, self-tuning and resource-efficient database – giving you complete cost predictability for your cloud, on-premises or hybrid strategy.

  • Unifying AI and BI

    Consolidate AI, ML and BI for both standard and advanced analytics, directly in the database – using any data science language.

  • Complete freedom to adapt and change

    There’s no platform, vendor or architecture lock-in.

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