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Xperience 2017 – 5 Reasons Our Customers Love Exasol

Last week saw Exasol Xperience 2017 take place in the vibrant city of Berlin.  This was the second time we ran our international customer and partner conference and we were proud to see so many of our users and partners at the event.

Over 280 data professionals from 20 countries – ranging from Austria to the US, from Iceland to Israel – came together at Xperience to enjoy three fun and informative days with Exasol in the German capital.

But what made this event so special?  Was it the fact that customers and the Exasol team engaged in fruitful conversations?  Was it Berlin’s cosmopolitan atmosphere that made attendees come together?  Or was it the Exasol database solution, with its many diverse use cases, that allows customers to run powerful data analytics so easily?

All of these reasons played their part in making Exasol Xperience 2017 a fantastic event.  A big thank you also goes out to our speakers for their engaging presentations.  Specifically, the keynotes by Tableau’s CMO, Elissa Fink, and PATH’s director of results management, Jeff Bernson, were joined by other great speakers.  Fantastic quotes from the event included:

Oliver Simon, Bertelsmann: “The Exasol database does everything all on its own”

Amr Hassan, “We only need 10-20% of the memory configuration of our previous solution, resulting in significant cost savings”

Jeff Bernson, PATH: “People’s lives are on the line when you don’t believe your data and just go with your gut”

Furthermore, we had lots of great conversations with our customers – in the breaks between presentations, at the event party which featured a BBQ on a boat which meandered through the fantastic lakes around Berlin and down the River Spree, and even extending deep into the night at the after-party.

Here are the top 5 things that our customers said that they love about Exasol:

  1. Exasol saves time
    Using Exasol saves a substantial amount of time on spent on day-to-day operations, allowing users to focus on more important tasks in their organizations.
  2. Exasol is both professional and personal
    Driving the business forward and generating revenue is crucial for organizations. But there are always people behind these companies, and straightforward, personal and transparent communication has always been a priority at Exasol.
  3. Exasol is trustworthy
    Trust isn’t given for any reason; it needs to be earned first.  Exasol only makes promises that we can keep, and we keep our promises.
  4. Exasol delivers powerful R integration
    The programming language R continues to gain popularity for statistical computations and graphing. Many of our customers rely on in-depth statistical analyses for their business.  With Exasol’s R integration, these analyses can be run directly inside the database.
  5. Exasol offers fast and straightforward support
    Using Exasol when everything works as it should is obviously best.  But if anything does happen to go wrong, the Exasol support team is ready to help and ensure everything works flawlessly again – quickly and pain-free.

The 3 day event concluded with a long bus ride back to the Exasol HQ in Nuremberg.  Yet, with the successful event still fresh on their minds, you could see how members of #TeamExasol had smiles on their faces, reminiscing about the interesting conversations with customers and partners, and the great enthusiasm everyone showed for the event.

Motivated by this amazing event, #TeamExasol will work even harder to make Exasol Xperience 2018 an even greater success.

See you next year!