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Video – Java User-Defined Functions

With Exasol 5 you can now write User-Defined Functions in Loading...Java – a new video shows you how.

Exasol 5 now supports the use of Java as a programming language for User-Defined functions and I’ve produced a video describing the process of developing a Java UDF here.

In version 4, you could have used Lua, R or Python to achieve the same effect – but the advantage of supporting Java is that you may already have the Java code for many of the functions you would want to implement. In many cases, it’s then a simple case of dropping this code into a Java UDF “template”, saving a lot of development and testing effort.

We still support the other languages – it’s partly a matter of personal taste which language you use – but in some cases Java is not the best tool for the job – for example R is often a better choice for complex statistical functions.

Additionally you can now “import” any of your custom libraries or any open source libraries into Exasol for use with Loading...UDFs – for example the CRAN libraries for R

The upshot is that Exasol 5 is more than just an excellent SQL. If something is difficult to say in SQL then maybe you can say it better in Java, Lua, R or Python.


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