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Using data to visualize a more equal world

Get the inside track on Operation Fistula’s forthcoming project

Last week Eva Murray, Exasol’s Head of Business Intelligence, and Seth Cochran, the Founder and CEO of NGO partner, Operation Fistula, travelled to Seattle to present at the Keynote of Tableau’s Global Sales Kick Off (GSKO).

This event is designed by Tableau to develop its sales teams – a group of some 3,000 people – and share their latest products and innovations with them. It’s also an opportunity to share stories of the social impact that Tableau software is having on its global community and on organizations like Operation Fistula.

What were we talking about?

Eva and Seth were invited to Seattle to present the community at Tableau with a new project: Visualize Gender Equality, which is set to launch on International Women’s Day (March 8, 2020). This exciting project is a collaborative effort, with Operation Fistula leading the work, and Makeover Monday, and Tableau Foundation operating as critical partners.

“I love working with the team at Operation Fistula and I really believe in their mission. When Seth and Helen sat down with me in May last year and told me about their vision for a project called ‘Visualize Gender Equality’, saying YES to supporting them was a no-brainer.” – Eva Murray

Seth Cochran (Founder and CEO Operation Fistula), Eva Murray (Exasol), Helen Davies (Chief of Staff, Operation Fistula)

The goal of Visualize Gender Equality is to ignite a data advocacy effort that will transform the way organizations work together to end gender inequality. The project will leverage the power of data, Tableau, and the Makeover Monday community, to launch a collective effort that will raise awareness of extreme gender inequality and spark collaborative global action to end it!

It was always clear to me that there was a link between fistula and other forms of extreme gender inequality, but it was our data collection and Loading...visual analytics that exhibited an undeniable data-driven connection between the two. As soon as this happened, we knew we had to share this capacity with other NGOs working to tackle gender inequality.” – Seth Cochran

What happens next?

If you’ve ever had the privilege of working with Eva you’ll know that she has insatiable energy, and a deep commitment to driving data competence and usage across diverse communities of users. It’s this drive that led her to volunteer her time as one of the co-directors of the Makeover Monday  community. Makeover Monday is a weekly learning and development community that encourages participants to visualize data and present their work for feedback.

Operation Fistula is supported throughout the year by Exasol, Makeover Monday, and Tableau Foundation. Thanks to the existing Tableau community, and those engaged in Makeover Monday, we expect hundreds of participants to come together to make a difference through this work. I can’t wait to see what our global community can achieve with their collective ideas, their creativity, empathy and data expertise.” – Eva Murray

In Visualize Gender Equality, Eva and Makeover Monday are providing the platform to host this 12-month initiative. The community will work with Operation Fistula, and the other NGOs taking part, to highlight issues of gender inequality by creating visualizations for 12 different datasets, over the 12 months. These visualizations will serve as advocacy tools, awareness raising artefacts, and data-driven insight drivers for anyone working to end the injustice of gender inequality.

This is only the beginning – this project has audacious goals, and we’re already planning for year 2. Join us as we work to visualize a more equal world!

Sign up and join the viz5 community at An anonymous donor has pledged to give a $5 donation to Operation Fistula for every person that signs up!

Keep watch for updates on the project by following @OpFistula, @TriMyData, @sethcochran, and #Viz5. I will also be digging into the project in more detail in my next blog in early March.

By Helen Davies, Chief of Staff, Operation Fistula


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