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Are you looking to unleash the power of big data? Whether your organization is a bank using transactional data to detect fraud, a manufacturing business monitoring its production, an airline tracking hundreds of planes and their flight paths or an environmental agency analyzing sensor data in thousands of locations around the globe, by now everyone is facing Big Data.

Aside from the sheer volumes that come with machine generated data and the Internet of Things, there are challenges in capturing, storing and analyzing this data. Add to this the increasing complexity of our global business environment, and the questions we ask to drive data analysis, and we as individuals are facing the seemingly impossible task of making sense of the data.

Transforming hundreds of millions of records into valuable and actionable insights and communicating this information effectively to our stakeholders can be challenging and the skills to do so are highly sought after by organizations trying to turn data into ‘gold’.

It isn’t just large corporations who collect Big Data from their customers, partners, suppliers and other sources to gain insights. Many small digital companies, often working in a niche or offering boutique services, have a heavy reliance on data such as tracking data from website interactions to better understand their customers or GPS tracking data to optimize supply chain decisions.

Big Data is everywhere and concerns everyone. Making sense of it to arrive at actionable insights and an understanding of customers, products, financials, environmental patterns, etc. is crucial.


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