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Supercharge your MicroStrategy platform – with the right database

In today’s ultra-competitive world, making the right decisions is no longer enough. You also need to make them faster – the key to success is intelligence with speed.

For many businesses, their MicroStrategy platform sits at the center of this challenge. With the sheer amount of data that you can now feed into a MicroStrategy platform, choosing the right database is crucial.

Running a MicroStrategy platform on a sub-optimal database is like putting worn-out tires on a sports car. What should be quick and powerful becomes slow and unwieldy – the potential to make smarter and faster decisions is lost.

The need for speed

So what happens if you run your MicroStrategy platform on a high-performance analytics database? First off, it’s powerful. You can now run queries and reports in MicroStrategy much faster. This allows you to do more in less time and suddenly there’s more business intelligence (BI) – right when you need it.

This increased MicroStrategy performance is felt throughout your business. As you look to get more insights from an ever-increasing amount of data, DBAs (Database Administrators) will find that non-standard and non-predictable analyses perform better with a live connection to the database.

If you’re linking to a high-performance database, improved speed is just one benefit. Scale is the other. You’ll be able to bring different data sets and samples together to perform analyses infused with Loading...artificial intelligence and Loading...machine learning.

Release the power

Performing this type of time-sensitive and deep analysis through a live connection releases MicroStrategy. It can now concentrate on the standard reporting tasks that its Intelligence Cube feature was designed for.

So how does the choice of database for your MicroStrategy platform translate into tangible benefits?

Cost savings are the most obvious one. All things being equal, a database that can do more in the same amount of time is less expensive to run. But why should internal users care about any of this? IT has nothing to do with them. Right?

The catalyst to supercharge your organization’s success

And that’s exactly the point. With the right database making the MicroStrategy platform faster and more visually appealing, the world of BI becomes everybody’s playground.

Your MicroStrategy platform is only as good as the database it sits on. But get that partnership right, and you could:

  • Experience lower costs with high performance
  • Surface real-time data
  • Empower more employees to making smarter and faster decisions
  • Redeploy technology support to higher-value activities

Do all that, and your MicroStrategy platform becomes more than just a supercharged BI platform. It’ll be the catalyst to supercharge your organization’s success.

Find out more about how you can supercharge your BI performance in MicroStrategy – and get the best analytics performance for your data stack.


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