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Solve the Big 3 Data Analytics Challenges Without Compromise: the Exasol Advantage

Complete with its latest enhancements, Exasol’s no-compromise analytics database stands alone in providing increased productivity, cost-savings and flexibility, without any trade-off. Find out what that could mean for you and how you can take on today’s biggest data analytics challenges. 

Organizations face more pressure than ever to be data-driven. Whether it’s to improve the accuracy and speed of their decision-making, to deliver operational efficiencies, or get new products to market quicker, data has never been more valuable.   

But with the current economic environment and the resulting scrutiny over IT budgets, many organizations are being forced to make compromises with their analytics databases, ultimately holding back their data-driven initiatives. In fact, recent data shows that 95% of businesses struggle with operational challenges around data and analytics and 88% continue to be hindered by legacy technologies.

3 key data analytics challenges organizations need to consider 

Data and analytics teams are expected to deliver significant efficiency gains to meet the growing demands of the business, without breaking their existing tech environments or burning through their budgets. This leads to organizations sacrificing one of these key elements, like budget for example, in the pursuit of another, like increased productivity. These trade-offs make it impossible for organizations to fulfil the potential of their data – here’s what that compromise looks like:  

Productivity: Legacy database systems burden organizations with slow processing times and lack the deep analytical capabilities and ability to scale that is necessary to support Loading...real-time analytics and increasingly complex workloads. They also force data engineers to spend too much time manually tuning the database, while performance and scaling shortcomings make it very difficult to run ML in production, again diverting more of employees’ time to tasks such as prepping and scrubbing data.

Flexibility: Today’s diversity and scale of BI and analytic use cases require organizations to explore additional technology, development, and deployment options. However, more flexibility is needed within legacy databases as their rigid nature does not easily integrate with these new technologies and systems. Nor do they allow organizations to manage their data wherever it lives, often locking them into a specific deployment option. Many think their only option is a time-consuming, burdensome rip-and-replace and decide to stick with their legacy systems as a result.  

Cost: It is becoming increasingly expensive for organizations to maintain the complex underlying infrastructure of their legacy databases and manage the ever expanding volume and variety of data. Further, more organizations are needing to purchase third-party tools to fill capabilities gaps, which can have unpredictable and complicated pricing models that hinder innovation and experimentation. Deployment is another challenge, with many organizations getting hit by cost shocks when they try and run more Loading...advanced analytics use cases in the cloud. Research by IDC estimates that planned and unplanned egress charges account for an average 6% of organizations’ cloud storage costs, if not more.

How to tackle these data analytics challenges with Exasol

At Exasol, we believe organizations should never have to make compromises with their analytics databases. It should be possible to deliver huge productivity gains without over-complicating the tech stack or destroying budgets. That’s why Exasol’s no-compromise database is the only database to provide increased productivity, cost-savings and flexibility, without any trade-off, so businesses can act on real-time insights to drive competitive advantage.


When it comes to increasing productivity, Exasol offers processing times that are up to 20x faster than other analytics databases. So what does this mean?  Businesses are empowered to solve complex problems, become more data-driven and bring innovation to life, as they are able to run more queries and gain more insights in record-time. Exasol’s scalable, built-in ML capabilities also save teams from endless hours of data scrubbing and preparation and makes ML actionable at scale.

“The performance of Exasol is particularly impressive on complex data sets. What used to take almost an hour now takes less than a minute, so my team can spend more time analysing and optimizing the results.”    

IM&T BI manager, healthcare 


Exasol’s unmatched flexibility enables customers to analyze data wherever it lives, regardless of whether that’s on-premises, in the cloud, SaaS or hybrid, without a need to rip-and-replace, move data sets, or suffer cost shocks. The database seamlessly integrates with any data stack and analytics ecosystem, and dynamically scales to accommodate even the most complex data sets, eliminating friction from the equation and unburdening data teams to accelerate business outcomes.

“We needed a solution that seamlessly connects to our hybrid ecosystem without much development effort. Exasol is the perfect fit.”   

Head of BI and analytics for a financial services institution   

Cost savings 

Lastly, users can boost their cost-savings with Exasol’s fast, processing and query compute distribution that provides greater performance on less hardware infrastructure. Exasol delivers ROI of more than 300% with reduced licensing, implementation, maintenance and training fees*. The freedom to manage data where it lives and move workloads easily between platforms helps eliminate cost shock and vendor-lock in, while its price-performance ratio can deliver up to 80% improved performance resulting in savings of up to seven figures.

We [previously] relied  on multiple tools and point solutions like monitoring, security, encryption, resource pooling, and spent a few hundred thousand dollars each year just on licensing. Exasol comes with all of these capabilities already built into the platform, which translates into real savings for the business.”  

A senior manager for data engineering at an agriculture R&D firm 

No more settling. No more compromising. No more missed business opportunities. Learn more about Exasol’s no-compromise analytics database and how it can help your business lift the most value from its data here.

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*These figures come from the 2023 Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study commissioned by Exasol and conducted by Forrester Consulting, based on Forrester’s own financial analysis methodology and in-depth interviews with Exasol customers combined into a single composite organization.