BARC's The Data Management Survey 20

Hear the Voice of the Customer

Learn why 100% of our users recommend us

BARC’s The Data Management Survey 20 examined feedback from 782 data management end users, from December 2019 to March 2020, combined with expert views from its analysts.

100% of our users surveyed said they would recommend our high-performance database without reservation. We were ranked top in 18 KPIs, comprising 10 out of the 12 KPIs within the peer group analytical database products and 8 of the 12 within the peer group data warehouse technologies, including:

  • Recommendation
  • Support quality
  • Performance
  • Platform reliability
BARC's The Data Management Survey 20

We’ve also achieved 4 leading positions across the analytical database and data warehouse technologies peer groups. Here’s why we achieve a 100% product satisfaction rating among our customers:

Unbelievable query performance with almost zero administration effort. You just have to experience it yourself. Once you see it for yourself, you won’t want to work with any other database.

One of the fastest and most reliable databases, with a lot of potential and great staff to enable everything the customer wants.

Find out why customers rate us so highly and how BARC positions us against competitors in the market. Download our results from The Data Management Survey to see why so many professionals like you use the next level performance of Exasol to unlock more value for their organizations.