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We’ve updated our SaaS offering – here’s what’s new

Exasol SaaS updates

Two editions featuring additional capabilities, new extensions and updated integrations mean Exasol SaaS users can solve complex analytic challenges with ease. Read on to learn more about the new features and how they can help you. 

Exasol SaaS was developed to deliver accelerated analytics, helping you to access data-led insights quickly – without the need to manage hardware infrastructure or to worry about installation and operation. Along the way, Exasol was named Technology Partner of the Year 2021 by AWS, thanks to our technical expertise and close partnership, which enabled us to take advantage of AWS’s SaaS Factory program to deliver a world-class, high-performance service. 

Now, we’re excited to be taking Exasol SaaS to the next level with a series of updates that span AI/ML development, Loading...advanced analytics capabilities, data virtualization and data integration.

New Exasol SaaS features 

The update includes new analytics capabilities that enable Exasol SaaS users to solve complex analytic challenges like Loading...predictive analytics with ease, by bringing Loading...Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Loading...Machine Learning (ML) algorithms directly to the data. This means you can perform advanced analytical tasks on large volumes of data interactively – right in the database – using R, Loading...Java, Loading...Python, Lua, or any analytic programming language you prefer. 

Plus, you can run ML models on large data sets with unmatched speed directly inside the database, helping you operationalize ML at unprecedented speed. 

Alongside this, we’ve included data virtualization support, allowing easy access to data – whether it’s stored locally or in the cloud. To optimize running analytics in hybrid environments, you can access objects from external sources without the need to migrate data. This means you can avoid duplicating data and costly ETL projects. 

New integrations for ML deployment and faster data processing 

We’re offering new integrations that provide even more functionality to our service. First up is our Amazon Sagemaker extension, which can now be used with Exasol SaaS, enabling you to load data into an environment optimized for fully integrated Loading...machine learning development. This delivers analytics tooling that unifies AI/ML with BI, meaning insights uncovered by Loading...advanced analytics can be visualized for business users. This is in addition to our existing connectors to Amazon Kinesis, the real-time data streaming service, and Amazon DynamoDB.  

Exasol SaaS now interfaces with Keboola, a cloud-based Data Stack as a Service platform providing the first complete solution for data engineers, data analysts and analytics engineers to take care of all data demands – from data ingestion to automation. We’ve built in a function that connects directly to Keboola from Exasol’s SaaS Management UI. Keboola provides more than 250 ready-to-use connectors, as well as orchestration and reverse ETL capabilities. That means you can use the platform to load data from various sources directly into Exasol or to build complex data workflows – with just a few clicks. It’s that easy.

Use cases include reducing or removing data siloes entirely, allowing businesses to take advantage of more of their data, collaborate in real-time, improve accuracy and cut down time to insights. Keboola is integrated into the free trial of Exasol SaaS Edition and is also free to try, so give it a spin yourself today.

Like Exasol in other deployment architectures, SaaS Edition also has integrations with Apache Kafka for distributed event store and stream-processing. Plus, row level security and virtual schema for data virtualization. 

Different options to meet your needs 

Exasol SaaS is a leading data analytics service that works for any organization – no matter where you are on your analytics journey. That’s why we’ve developed two versions. 

  • Exasol SaaS Standard Edition serves as the ideal choice if you’re looking to improve the performance of data stacks and boost reporting speeds for real-time, self-service BI. Our Standard Edition delivers gold-standard performance on-demand for organizations dealing with smaller data volumes, who don’t need Loading...advanced analytics, data integration features or extended support.
  • Exasol SaaS Enterprise Edition meets the requirements of organizations in need of high-power data functionalities to address more complex business demands. It delivers when it comes to multi-department analytics environments and performance of AI/ML tasks within the platform, in addition to integration and virtualization for easy access to data – all alongside extended support. 

With Exasol SaaS, you’re up and running in minutes, in a high performance, fully managed system that frees you from the burden of managing your hardware infrastructure. You can benefit from our award-winning analytics performance wherever you need it – on-premises, in the cloud of your choice or as-a-service.  

Get $500 of complimentary use when you sign-up today.