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Exasol and DFB: why we’re so excited about EURO 2020

As a global business that was started in Germany, plenty of Exasolians will be cheering for “Die Mannschaft” throughout the team’s EURO 2020 campaign.

But this year we’ve got another reason to root for the three-time European champions. That’s because we recently became an official partner of the German Football Association, Deutscher Fußball-Bund (DFB) – the organization behind Joachim Löw’s squad.

“We’re extremely excited to be an official partner of the DFB as Germany competes to win Euro 2020,” says Aaron Auld, Exasol’s CEO. “Exasol is an international organization with deep German roots, so being associated with the national side in this way is a source of pride for us.”

The partnership offers new opportunities for the DFB to benefit from Exasol’s high performance analytics database. This means that the continuous work on our product may have a real impact on the way Germany’s teams – from its men’s and women’s squads to its under-21s – perform in future.

“Germany is in a tough group, but with Exasol as the German football association’s data partner, the team will have done everything possible in preparing to take on the best in Europe. Of course, we also have friends and colleagues across the continent, so while Exasol full-heartedly supports Germany, I’m sure there’ll be some good-natured rivalries and competition across our international and diverse workforce.”

The partnership became official in October 2020, so we’re incredibly excited to see where it leads in terms of performance gains for DFB teams and the DFB Academy, which nurtures and develops youth players. It’ll be fascinating to track first-hand, how the DFB continues to work with data in areas such as player fitness, nutrition, match analytics and fan engagement.

“In order to remain at the top of the competition at an international level, we need strong partners,” said Oliver Bierhoff, DFB Director national teams and academy, when the partnership was announced. “Data analytics and Business Intelligence are areas that we recognise as key for further innovation. With Exasol, we now have another company at our side that has a high level of technological expertise.”

But, whoever gains the competitive advantage in the coming weeks, we just can’t wait to get immersed in the beautiful game. We’ll be regularly posting podcasts, articles and videos on our EURO 2020 hub, so check back soon!