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Deploy anywhere: why Exasol is the analytics platform for performance and flexibility

Exasol SaaS Edition - Hybrid

Need the security of on-premises with the agility and scalability of the cloud? No problem. Earlier this month we announced the strengthening of the Exasol hybrid proposition by making our high-performance analytics database available via Exasol SaaS Edition – a scalable software-as-a-service proposition based on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  

Exasol SaaS Edition enables you to access to the high performance that we’re known for, but as a fully managed service that relieves the burden of looking after your own hardware infrastructure. We’re now uniquely placed to provide a bridge to and from the cloud – giving cloud-first adopters the option to migrate their analytics without risk, friction or compromise to performance; and helping those with on-premises deployments test workloads in a flexible cloud environment.

Exasol SaaS Edition – elasticity of scale 

Partnering with AWS in the build out of Exasol SaaS Edition has enabled us to separate compute from storage. In business terms, this means we can flexibly scale computing power, and in doing so, optimize costs and workloads for customers. With data costs spiralling out of control, this unique elasticity provides a great opportunity for businesses to reduce spending. 

Many organizations need the ability increase or decrease their memory footprint on the fly and, as an database running on the AWS cloud platform, we can offer this both vertically and horizontally.

Customers can use our platform to seamlessly manage hot and cold data between the object store, local SSDs and main memory. Using AWS infrastructure means Exasol SaaS Edition enables all this without compromising performance.  

We meet-you-anywhere on maturity 

Regardless of your analytics maturity level, data strategy, roadmap, or other issues you’re facing, Exasol can help you grow, move through the levels, and achieve your goals in a way that’s quick and effective, without any barriers to entry.  

There’s a lot of ways for businesses to approach their data maturity journey. But Exasol is the partner to help you deploy anywhere, anytime with the kind of technical support that really matters.

Exasol SaaS Edition – high performance 

Exasol has been tried and tested for performance against official industry benchmarks and in head-to-head competition. We’re built for speed and have proven our platform is the world’s fastest analytics database.  

Exasol SaaS Edition also meets these high-performance standards. And the best bit? Because it’s a SaaS product, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes, in a fully managed system, with the same best-in-class, high-performance database technology. 

There’s no compromises in terms of security, with Exasol SaaS Edition using native and built-in security features.  

Exasol: the power of hybrid flexibility 

You can deploy Exasol on public cloud platforms, natively on your cloud of choice, or on-premises for ultimate control over your data. 

However, the real beauty lies in the possibilities for customers whose needs span several different environments. We are actively working to help customers to realize their hybrid dreams by delivering a model where they select the appropriate deployment for different workloads, depending on regulatory considerations and their business needs. Our SaaS model is a big step forward in this direction.  

Investing in a hybrid infrastructure provides organizations with the flexibility of working in a public cloud with non-sensitive data to perform basic computing tasks, while keeping the business applications and data on-premise, and safely stored behind the company’s firewall. Ultimately, hybrid models can help manage fluctuating levels of demand for data access and processing power, as well as future-proof an organization.  

The corporate technology landscape is fast moving, and going hybrid leaves room for businesses to be agile and react to shifts in demand, while also freeing them up to work with data in a way that best suits their specific needs. 

We’re proud to support customers in realizing their hybrid dream. 

Our technology is suited to solving the challenges and minimizing the risks that come with implementing cloud-first strategies. By providing customers with the best of both worlds, we offer the freedom to undertake a hybrid cloud strategy and migrate at your own pace. By deliberately avoiding a pure “cloud-only” approach, we’re enabling customers to derive business value from their data quickly, easily and cost effectively, regardless of where they choose to store it. 

Exasol SaaS Edition is a big, disruption-free step away from slow, costly and unreliable legacy systems, towards delivering positively against the key drivers of any successful data strategy — performance, cost and flexibility.