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Build the Bridge: Cloud-First Shouldn’t Mean Cloud-Only

Exasol SaaS Edition - Cloud

Heading to the cloud isn’t an analytics panacea. Many companies that embrace a cloud first strategy find it difficult to ‘bridge’ from their old deployment to the new. Building this bridge is crucial.

Many of today’s data-related problems start on-premises, where thousands of legacy systems underperform. Understandably, this has led companies to employ cloud first strategies as the answer to these headaches. But the truth is that cloud isn’t a data panacea. Transferring all your data to the cloud comes with its own challenges and costs, and might not be what you need either.

The reality of cloud only

In many cases a ‘lift and shift’ switch from a legacy data warehouse solution to the cloud won’t be viable or valuable. Many companies that embrace a cloud first strategy found it difficult to ‘bridge to the cloud’. Problems include legacy datasets getting split between on-prem and cloud as migration takes place. These divided datasets then have to be reconnected in front end analytics tools to get the complete picture. 

Another risk factor is downtime. The mission criticality of data means that companies can’t afford the disruption of systems going offline. Simultaneously, data costs can spiral out of control with little value being delivered.

This leads to many companies’ data strategy becoming effectively blocked by the perceived lack of a viable technical roadmap for their requirements. CDOs driving their organization to become data-driven crave performance. They want scalable, future-proof solutions that can grow with the company’s strategy and roadmap, while simplifying the IT landscape and reducing costs. 

Data leaders are looking for the confidence to modernize and migrate with market-proven, enterprise capabilities that offer flexible migration paths – often to the cloud – at a pace and time that fits with budgets and resource constraints. They want the ability to connect existing on-premises datasets to cloud solutions in a hybrid scenario. 

Why bridge to the cloud? 

There are tens of complex challenges involved with extracting value from data. But companies who successfully master this discipline will be empowered for the long-term.

The key is being able to find the right deployment model and analytics platform for your organization’s needs. Perhaps you aren’t sure where all your data should be, and you want to test a few things out. Maybe you want the confidence to be able to change your mind if cloud doesn’t work for you. Perhaps you’re a cloud native but need better performance for your analytics – or want to experiment with different cloud environments. Maybe you have a roadmap for gradually migrating completely over several years and you want a long-term partner that will walk the path with you. 

How can you bridge to the cloud?

With performance and cost the two main drivers of any successful data strategy, Exasol is proud to now offer our world-class high-performance analytics database via a consumption-based SaaS model.

For customers looking to move away from slow, costly systems without disruption to their business, Exasol SaaS Edition is the perfect platform to bridge your organization to the cloud. The crucial element in a hybrid environment that caters for your sensitive, business critical, on-premises use cases, while also creating an integration path to the cloud for workloads that benefit from elasticity and agility.

With a database built on total flexibility and unrivalled performance, we can support your whole data strategy with a model that allows you to follow your preferred deployment path for different workloads, depending on business needs. And by separating compute from storage, Exasol SaaS Edition can elastically scale compute power to optimize costs and workloads for your organization’s data strategy.

With Exasol SaaS Edition, you’re up and running in minutes, in a high performance, fully managed system that frees you from the burden of managing your hardware infrastructure. You can deploy Exasol on public cloud platforms (such as AWS) or if you prefer to manage your own cloud solution, we can run natively on your cloud of choice. And for ultimate control over your data, you can run Exasol on-premises. 

Exasol SaaS Edition – all about your organisation’s needs

Whatever your data strategy, Exasol can de-risk your journey to the cloud – because you don’t have to make the jump on day one. Through our frictionless deployment path and usage-based pricing model, you can start transitioning data, applications and tools to Exasol, and then flip Exasol to the cloud at the point it’s operationally, commercially and culturally right for you. And with Exasol SaaS Edition, you can elastically scale compute power to optimize costs.

With Exasol as your data analytics partner and bridge to the cloud, you can pursue your data strategy with without risk or friction, in whatever way your business needs.

With Exasol, cloud first doesn’t mean cloud only.