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BARC’s The Data Management Survey 20: Exasol’s Highlights

Over 700 Data Management users have spoken and revealed what’s important to them when comparing data management tools. The latest BARC  (Business Application Research Center) The Data Management 20 survey is a flagship piece of research that provides a valuable guide to planning investments in data management tools and technologies.

What are the key findings?

The study is driven by the voice of the customer and that’s why we are delighted to announce that Exasol has achieved 18 top rankings in its peer groups “Analytical Database Products” and “Data Warehouse Technologies.

The results reveal that we were awarded a 10/10 rating across 3 KPIs – performance, platform reliability and recommendation. The recommendation KPI in particular serves as a measure of how our high-performance database meet expectations. As only truly satisfied customers would recommend it to others.

Moreover, price-to-value’ was rated at 9.8/10 indicating that users like the flexibility of licensing and deployment models on offer whereas support for our product was rated very highly, with customers giving it a 9.9 out of 10 score.

Putting the results into context

The publication of this study comes at an important time. Here at Exasol we see the daily demands on data warehouse platforms and analytics database workloads coming under intense pressure, as organizations look to adapt and build resilient businesses in an ever-changing world. Data continues to underlie critical decisions, providing the insight needed to readjust plans, understand performance, and provide visibility into future states, whether that’s on customer behaviors, supply chain disruptions or the adoption of new digital products.  During such times, users need reliable and fast data for their operational and analytical processes and a performant and reliable data platform to support accelerating demands for insights at scale. 

We also believe that legacy data platforms are coming under increasing strain and scrutiny and in many cases, are unable to keep pace with today’s challenges. The Data Management Survey is an invaluable resource for any organization that is looking for guidance in this area. It provides detailed information on user experiences with data management technologies as well as a meaningful evaluation of products and capabilities. In addition, it can also serve to augment understanding of any technology provider under consideration for a Data Management investment opportunity.

To benefit from BARC’s insights into the Data Management market as well as its analysis of Exasol, download a copy of Exasol’s highlights report here.

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