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A partner for analytics advances – BARC survey showcases Exasol strengths

Analytics maturity – Exasol

A perfect recommendation score and high user ratings for all KPIs in The Data Management Survey 22 highlight Exasol as the ideal partner for advancing analytics maturity.

Exasol has continued its run of very strong results against its peer group rivals in BARC’s annual survey of data management end users. We received 26 ‘Top’ rankings across two groups and rated 10/10 in five of the 17 KPIs. In addition, 100% of surveyed users told BARC they would recommend the Exasol database. 

These quantitative results are backed up by qualitative feedback from our customers, which is extremely rewarding to see. “It’s amazing,” reported one CIO/IT Manager. “We ran a lot of performance tests before choosing Exasol, and Exasol was by far the fastest.” 

“It’s great to work with a database where I can just relax and trust it to do its job efficiently,” another data engineer/data manager explained in the survey.  

But as we know from our own customer research, it’s not just the technical KPIs Exasol users appreciate. Our ‘Top’ rating in the Support Quality KPI (8.3/10) – in our peer groups “Data Warehouse Technologies” and “Analytical Database Products” – is also worth highlighting. “The performance of the database and the quality of the support are outstanding,” summarized one user to BARC. 

This kind of feedback is incredibly important to us, especially when our customers include the likes of Piedmont healthcare, a non-profit with more than two million patients. In a recent Exasol case study, Piedmont reports that thanks to working closely with the Exasol team, their decision-makers now have reliable access to the right data when they need it, which has helped reduce patient harm by 40%.

A partner for analytics maturity

To truly benefit from the power of data analytics, like Piedmont do, organizations today need to provide users a high performance, reliable data platform to support the increasing demand for data insights at scale.

This is why the Data Management Survey 22 is such an invaluable resource – it allows those looking for guidance on which infrastructure tools are right in helping them develop powerful analytic capabilities. The survey provides detailed information on user experiences with data management technologies along with meaningful evaluation of products and their strengths or weaknesses.

This is crucial information for those looking to move up the levels of the analytics maturity roadmap. At Exasol, as the survey findings show, we’re committed to providing an analytics solution that grows and adapts to the aspirations and direction of any organisaton. Working on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid role and regardless of your organization’s analytics maturity level, Exasol can help you grow and achieve your goals.

About The Data Management Survey 22

The Data Management Survey 22 is based on the answers of 1,101 data professionals, responding to in-depth questions about the products they use every day. The survey takes into consideration 17 KPIs in total, including Price to Value, Recommendation, Functionality and Satisfaction.

As in previous years, user ratings for Exasol are well above average for all KPIs in this edition of the survey, a point backed up by that ‘perfect’ recommendation score.

Exasol is strongly rated compared to its rivals and clearly leads the field in the Data Warehouse Technologies and Analytical Database Products peer groups. In the former we were awarded 13 ‘Top’ rankings plus three ‘Leading’. The latter also scored Exasol 13 ‘Top’ ranks along with two ‘Leading’ ranks.

In both groups Exasol was ranked ‘Top’ for Performance, Platform Reliability, Product Satisfaction, Price to Value, Customer Satisfaction and more.

For more information on Exasol’s highlight results in The Data Management Survey, download the full report.