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The Story of Exasol

Exasol has captured the hearts of many businesses all over the world and together they have ridden waves of success.

I have never seen anything more pure in my life. Standing 700 feet above sea level on top of the Cliffs of Moher, on top of nature’s wonder, I looked out over the turquoise Atlantic Ocean.

Staring at the water beneath me, I marveled at the unblemished reflection of the sky above. The array of colors, mysteries and stories that the Atlantic holds simply captivated me.

Feelings of bliss, peacefulness and euphoria often overwhelm people when they look out over the magical Cliffs of Moher. It’s a serene part of the world where you can enjoy the cool breeze and watch how the waves crash against the rocky stones as the sunlight bounces off the rippling water.

Waves of innovation

Later on, while enjoying the whooshing sound of waves crashing against the gigantic cliff walls and while I marveled at how the wind accelerated their speed, I was reminded of one word, of six letters, which showcase an outstanding history of diligence and care. One word, one passion and one identity: Exasol.

Since its inception, Exasol has captured the hearts of many businesses all over the world and together they have ridden waves of success by benefiting from performance of Exasol’s core product: the in-memory analytic database known as ExaSolution. Indeed, Exasol’s name is composed of two parts: EXA, originating from the Greek language denoting a unit prefix factor of 1018, while SOL stands for solution which provides the answer for analyzing massive data volumes.

Just like the Atlantic Ocean, Exasol’s founders looked out to an open horizon, where they came together back in the 1990s to develop and roll out ExaSolution as the fastest analytic database. By combining columnar compression, massive parallel processing and in-memory technology, the solution smashed independent benchmarks, such as TPC-H, given Exasolution’s ultimate performance and unparalleled speed, proving that is the most powerful in-memory engine for data analytics.

Words like outstanding, innovative, smooth, focused and professional might come to mind when describing Exasolution in one word. Purity is the word that came to my mind because Exasolution is in every sense the perfect match to the noun. Each code line in Exasolution has been designed and programmed to fit the in-memory computing design. Therefore, the product has been written from the ground-up to help companies derive business value and run their businesses faster and smarter. Years of research and exploration have been invested in developing a well-rounded product, backed up by the high quality and robust German engineering.

In an ocean of opportunities

Fresh data is pristine; it is the purest form of data, multiple corporates rely on in today’s data-centric world. Exasol’s analytic engine has proven to be the ideal solution for executing sophisticated and complicated queries, helping organizations to derive business-driven results and encouraging organizations to take the leap of faith into analytics.

The image of eyeballs rolling accompanied by a feeling of unease in rooms full of C-level executives and marketing specialists, as soon as terms like analytics, converting data into value or Loading...big data are uttered, is no longer a reason to worry about with Exasol.

At Exasol, there are various reasons to justify why it is not only the pure technology that only sets us apart, or the fact that the Exasolution database is an example of high performance, flexibility and scalability; Exasol excels too because of our passion, promise and dedication towards our customers.

Working with every single one of our customers since the company started is something we are deeply proud of. Just as the ocean embraces and sticks to each water particle, at Exasol we strive to support our customers in every way possible by responding to all kinds of analytical challenges that may arise.

We only promise what we can deliver and we differentiate ourselves with our authentic identity in doing business. We believe in full commitment to meet our goals, in supporting our customers whenever needed, in respecting each other and constantly encouraging individual responsibility. Working to reach the highest standards possible is part of our DNA at Exasol, which ensures we present and deliver our leading-edge technology in the best way possible.

Is a one-in-a-million experience indeed

The seascape wonder that is the Cliffs of Moher markets itself under the slogan “one-in-a-million,” and in reality it does provide an unforgettable experience to everyone who visits the cliffs. I am fully convinced that something must be seen to be believed, and at Exasol the best proof for Exasolution’s outstanding performance and unfaltering support are the technology and our happy customers.

The main reason organizations trust Exasol lies in the customer journey they go through. Whether it is our database’s speed, self-tuning technology, round-the-clock support, comprehensive consulting, outstanding scalability or the low total cost of ownership (TCO) that is achieved through Exasolution’s smooth integration into every IT infrastructure and heterogeneous analytical platform, all these facts play a significant role in introducing the concept of unparalleled, real-time performance to every organization that tests our database solution.

Our partnership with the leading social media networking site in the German-speaking region, Xing, is just one proof of our success. The proof-of-concept (POC) that was run proved how Exasol surpassed all other big database players, and let to Xing opting for Exasolution as the analytic database solution to power their BI, reporting and analytics.

The tidal wave of data, analytics, data-driven businesses and insights is here to stay and will only grow in size. But, without a doubt, Exasol has mastered the tides and is leading the charge with its ground-breaking analytic database. To conclude, oceans may breathe water and power, but here at Exasol we breathe data and analytics. It is our motivation and what we stand for.


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