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Exasol wins Data Analytics Company of the Year!

Data Breakthrough Awards

Big news! Exasol has topped the Overall Data Analytics Company of the Year category in the 2021 Data Breakthrough Awards. As ever, it’s great to be recognized by industry experts such as Data Breakthrough – the independent market intelligence organization that annually shines a light on the top companies, technologies and products in the data technology market.

Exasol has now taken home an award in this series two years running. In spring 2020 – seemingly a lifetime ago – we won the Loading...In-Memory Solution of the Year award for our high-performance analytics database, so to be recognized as the overall leader in the data analytics category is even more exciting.

“This award win is further proof that we are leaders in the data analytics space. Exasol is on an ambitious growth path, and I am excited about the road ahead,” says Mathias Golombek, our CTO. “The launch of Exasol V7 in 2020 was an important milestone for us, as we unveiled new features that have helped our customers go further in their analytics journeys.”

Why did we win?

In short, it came down to our performance benefits, our predictable costing and the flexibility we offer across vendors and deployment models.

“Exasol’s analytics database empowers organizations worldwide with unrivaled performance, significantly reduced total cost of ownership, complete freedom to adapt with no vendor lock-in, and the opportunity to consolidate AI, ML, and BI for both standard and Loading...advanced analytics, directly in the database, using any science language,” said James Johnson, Managing Director of Data Breakthrough. “These improvements to performance and flexibility, plus the enhanced science capabilities, allow businesses to move as fast as the world changes.”

Our performance credentials

At Exasol, we have the world’s fastest analytics database, specifically designed to power data analytics. Exasol leads the Loading...TPC-H benchmark – and has done for more than a decade – which means we’re the undisputed leader in the database market for both performance and cost. Exasol V7, released in July 2020, gives users the freedom and focus to run analytical models on even larger data volumes to quickly find more business-critical answers. These deeper insights can transform passive employees into data-driven teams, supported by the infrastructure they need to extract more value from data. 

In the world of data analytics, performance is everything. For organizations to become genuinely data-driven and remain competitive, near real-time access to data insights for better informed decision-making is critical. By implementing Loading...big data processing, organizations that use Exasol can access seemingly immediate results, allowing them unlock analytics faster to gain optimal business insights and make timely, data-driven decisions.

How we offer flexibility

One of our key benefits is how the Exasol database deploys in any environment ­– cloud, on-premise, or using a hybrid approach – to deliver unparalleled performance, even with high concurrency.

We support R, Loading...Python, Loading...Java and Lua natively within the database, and feature enhanced performance in the Exasol Data Vault, to help keep organizations agile and allow them to manage growing volumes, complexities and distribution of data.

Exasol V7 also brings more flexibility to deal with structured and semi-structured data so organizations can bring all data together in a 360-degree view for deeper, more accurate and more precise insights. This feature natively supports both structured and semi-structured formats such as JSON.

We also help our customer overcome silos and integrate massive, complex data sets from any source thanks to a resource efficient architecture with self-indexing and auto tuning capabilities.

Security benefits 

We’ve also developed a fully compliant GDPR plug-in which equips businesses with simplified and more efficient access to row-level security and helps companies automate the protection, masking and encryption of business users’ information – without compromising performance across large data volumes.

What are these awards?

The Data Breakthrough Awards was founded to recognize the global data-related technology innovators, leaders and visionaries in a range of categories, including data analytics, big bata, BI, data storage and more.

The 2021 Data Breakthrough Award program attracted more than 1,450 nominations from across the globe this year, so to have topped our category is a real boon.

You can learn more about we’re ranked number one by our customers right here.

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