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Exasol Scam Alert: Beware of Recruiting Scams | May 2024

Here at Exasol, we’re proud to be a global organization that recruits and retains top-class talent from around the world. As part of our recruitment process, we source candidates either directly through services such as LinkedIn or via approved third-party agencies. But no matter where or how we find our new talent, we’d never ask for money from candidates under any circumstances.

To be absolutely clear, Exasol will never ask candidates to pay us money in the hope of securing additional job/work opportunities.

In November 2023, we became aware of an active scam by unauthorized and illegitimate individuals. In this scam, these individuals tried to impersonate an agency working on our behalf, in order to deceive candidates into handing over money. You can read more about that in our previous blog, HERE. Now, as of May 2024, the scammers have changed their approach and instead of fraudulently offering specific jobs at Exasol, they are instead telling hopeful candidates that they can earn money by working for us. The scammers use different techniques, including reaching out to individuals via WhatsApp, Telegram and other messaging platforms.

The scammers will also often send their targets to a URL to “sign up” to a “workstation” or similar, in the hope of getting them to “pay” to access other job opportunities. Please see example below:

Please be aware that these sites and apps are illegitimate and not affiliated with or associated with Exasol or our official recruitment process in any way.

Again, Exasol would never, under any circumstance, ask you to pay money to secure a job opportunity.

To help protect you and your financial information, please follow the guidance below when investigating a job opportunity with Exasol:

  • Our job postings will always be available to view at
  • We do not offer consulting services or the ability to make money via tasks. We only carry out recruitment for employees or contractors that work directly for us, and who have a contract in place.
  • We will never ask you for any financial information until the full interview process is complete and a formal job offer has been submitted and accepted.
  • We will always carry out an interview process and no job offer will be made without the process being completed. The first interview may be carried out by an agency, but the second round will always be with an Exasol employee (Exasolian), using an email address.
  • Any tasks you may be asked to do during the recruitment process will not be linked to any financial payment and/or gains.
  • If you are asked to use an app that is not part of the domain (e.g.,, then it is not a legitimate service.
  • Any requests for the following information are not legitimate:
    • Requests that you make a purchase of any sort, with the promise of “reimbursement.”
    • Requests that you transfer any funds, particularly bitcoin or other crypto currencies.

If you think you’ve been a victim of this scam, please contact your local authorities and your bank and follow their support processes for victims of fraud.