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Exasol in 2014: looking back with pride, looking forward with excitement

Exasol has experienced extreme growth in 2014, and we are proud of it!

Now and again, it’s always nice to stop what you are doing, review what has gone before and take stock.

Indeed, I am reminded of a great poem by William Henry Davis called “Leisure” which summons us to do just that:

What is this life if,
Full of care,
We have no time,
To stand and stare?

That’s why I am proud of our announcement today that showcases the growth of Exasol in 2014 and continued adoption of our fast, Loading...analytic database, Exasol.

Not only have we nearly doubled the amount of customers, but we have extended the range of vertical industries in which we help organizations with their data analytics needs and also the business outcomes that fast data analytics enables, be it customer acquisition, operational improvements or business growth. Industries that we now serve range from market research companies to social networks, from online retailers to marketing services providers, from healthcare to news services. Our customers continue to put their trust in Exasol as they know that they can innovate, create more opportunities and achieve greater business success, all in the knowledge that the team at Exasol is on-hand to help, support and guide them in their analytics endeavours.

Looking back at 2014, we are also proud to cement our leadership as the fastest Loading...analytic database in the world. This is borne out of benchmarks that have been validated by the transaction processing performance council. And whereas other vendors may only be able to compete at the low volume level,">Exasol leads the Loading...TPC-H benchmarks at every level, from 100 GB right up to 100 TB. In other words, we beat the competition hands-down, whatever size your data volumes might be.

And we are also immensely proud – and passionate – about the release of">Exasol 5.0 which came out in June 2014 as well the">community edition of the database. Already, a large number of both customers and prospects have availed themselves of the free version of our technology. It allows organisations to test our claims of superior performance, scalability and ease-of-use. Where other vendors may restrict the usage of their database, we do exactly the opposite; we offer everyone the chance to download the community edition and convince themselves. If you have yet to download a copy, I invite you to do so. You won’t be disappointed.

However, while it may be nice to stop for a moment, take stock and look back on past successes, it is also important to look ahead. For one thing, I know Exasol is poised for even further growth in 2015. We’ve got some exciting activities planned for the year to help spread the word and allow even more companies to benefit from our technology, including MeetUps in Berlin, Vienna, Munich and London, exhibiting at the Gartner BI and Analytics Summit in London, and our very own Customer Analytics Day in Frankfurt. If you are able to visit us at these upcoming events, we look forward to meeting you and discussing how you can turn data into actionable insights and tremendous business value.

So, while it is incredibly reassuring to look back on 2014 with pride, I also look forward to 2015 with great excitement.


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