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At a Glance: The Analytics Database Engineered for Performance

Exasol at a glance

Exasol was built to run analytics faster than any other database; the product of scientific research into some of the world’s most demanding high-performance computing challenges.

Today it provides businesses around the world with blazingly fast performance, ease of use, and choice of deployment for diverse analytics use cases. The limitations of traditional databases — performance issues, struggles with modern analytics use cases, difficulties operationalizing Loading...data science workloads — don’t apply here.

Our latest eBook provides an at-a-glance look at Exasol’s unique architectural design features that make this possible, from Loading...in-memory, Loading...MPP, and columnar storage data processing techniques; to its self indexing and auto tuning features.

Read the eBook to learn more, including the three ways you can use Exasol for analytics acceleration:

1. as an acceleration layer for your existing data warehouse

2. as a replacement for your under-performing data warehouse

3. as a unified, enterprise-wide BI acceleration layer