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Deploying data analytics: your cloud checklist

Make sure cloud fits into your data strategy

What questions you should ask before making your deployment decision

Most organisations today will at least be planning to migrate certain data workloads to the cloud. But this doesn’t mean that cloud has to be the only option for your organisation – making a deployment choice is a complex decision. What works for your organisation today might change in 12 months’ time. Even when cloud is the right option, what type of cloud deployment do you need and how can you take full advantage of the benefits it has to offer?

If you want to work out how to approach this complex, nuanced decision, download our checklist. We’ll show you:

  • What questions you need to ask to ensure cloud is the right option for your organisation
  • What you must consider to make a success of migrating your data workloads to the cloud
  • How Exasol can be your bridge to the cloud, providing a flexible migration path that can be shaped by the demands of your data strategy

Make your data deliver, wherever it lives. Download our cloud deployment checklist now.