Demo: Exasol vs. the competition

One data set. Four vendors. One clear winner.

Built for Speed – how Exasol compares to competitors

  • Does your BI reporting take so long that you have no chance to respond to changing customer behaviour?
  • Do more people in your organization need access to data to take products to market quicker and more successfully?
  • Can your system scale to support that increased use, without compromising performance?

If these are challenges you face, you can’t afford to be without a high-performance database. Watch this video to see how Exasol outstrips Snowflake, Azure Synapse and Amazon Redshift, when faced with a real life query routine.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How quickly Exasol can perform a query routine on 4 billion rows of retail data

  • How long it takes key competitors to complete the same query

  • How Exasol gains its performance advantage

  • Why the difference between automatic query tuning and automatic performance tuning is so important

  • What you could do with this extra level of performance

  • How you can support greater analytics concurrency with Exasol