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DATANATOR takes the beast

The name that came up top trumps for us was “The Datanator”.

Our “Name the Beast” naming contest has a winner.

We’re excited to announce that our call to you lovely people to help us name the “Beast” (aka the Dell PowerEdge R720xd hardware we">smashed world TPC-H records on) resulted in a huge response from folk across the globe.

As the only database company to benchmark an system ever at 100 TB – delivering a staggering 140 times performance increase to its closest competitor – we wanted to share the celebrations and get people’s creative juices flowing by asking you to take part in our Name the “Beast” hardware competition – just as a bit of fun in the lead-up to the TPC-H results. We knew we were on the way to making a new world record at both 30 TB and 100 TB and we thought it only fitting that the robust, award-enabling Dell hardware we tested on should have a name that did it justice.

We have a winner

There were some fantastic names and we whittled it down to ten – including EXAcutioner, EXAsaurus Rex, Teranator, Larry, Pricilla, EXARex, A-Rex, EXAZilla, and The Crunchy Nut.

The name that came up top trumps for us was “The Datanator”.

These are the three winners of the naming contest:

  • 1st place – “The Datanator” by Deb Cameron
  • 2nd place – “Delliverator” by Mike Potashnick
  • 3rd place – “Rudolph the RAM-nosed Reindeer” by Christian Wiese

The contest prizes, special Datanator mugs, are on their way to the winners.

Big thanks to everyone for taking part and also for being a part of a pretty momentous time, not just for EXASOL, but for the industry itself.

Datanator’s 100 TB task was not just an academic one

Ultimately, we took part in these independent Benchmarks tests to ensure that we are offering our customers the best possible database for analytics out there – not to be part of some beauty parade. EXASOL is already being used at 100 TB in the real world and some EXASOL customers have even larger volume requirements of up to 300 TB. so the whole exercise was not just an academic one, but one that helped us truly enhance our offering.

If you want to find out what our record-breaking high-performance database solution can do for you, then just drop us a line or take EXASOLfor a free test-drive.


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