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Data Analytics: The Smart Move in Retail

Being able to effectively and intelligently upsell to an individual based on their purchasing history, their browsing habits and radically personalised insights will quickly set you ahead of your competition. And why shouldn’t the same apply to the in-store customer experience?

Using data to better know your customers, to understand them as individuals, and to anticipate their needs and desires is the only way to ensure bricks and mortar retail remains relevant – so you can continue to be a preferred destination for shoppers. And if you can combine the in-store and online user data profiles and analyse them as one – to obtain a more complete understanding of your customers – so much the better.

Ultimately, basing your strategy on data insights is now critical if you want to understand, attract and retain your customers. It leads to a greater return on your investment, less wasted time and effort, and a much more controlled path to success. Likewise, having effective analytics and access to insightful data sources are critical to your ability to make decisions and inform strategy.

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