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Combining AI with Faster Insights: Meet Espresso + Veezoo

The volume of data we collect keeps growing exponentially. That means ever more complex data systems that struggle to keep up with rapid changes and shrinking budgets, and ever more pressure from leaders to get insights right now. But the problem is that the more data there is, the slower it is to get actionable insights from it. The result is complex, bloated systems that aren’t actually used by the business because they’re painfully slow, and their accuracy can’t always be trusted. 

That’s why Exasol and Veezoo have teamed up to create an innovative tool designed to simplify and speed up the process of delivering valuable insights, using a ChatGPT-like interface which allows anyone in the organization to query data. We sat down with Thomas Bestfleisch, Senior Product Manager at Exasol, and Till Haug, co-founder & COO of Veezoo, to discover more about the combined power of Exasol Espresso and Veezoo.

The Scenario

Picture the scene: it’s budgeting time and all your departments are frantically gathering data to set next year’s budget. From understanding the ROI of marketing campaigns to figuring out the highest performing sales team or which new product lines to push next year, the questions for the data team are coming in thick and fast. Budgets need to be finalized next week, but everything is slowing down due to the sheer number of queries being run by your data analysts. Department heads are losing patience and data teams are getting frustrated because they can’t work on any of their other priorities.  

It sounds like a migraine in the making, but just imagine if your department heads could go directly into your BI tool to ask their questions themselves, using a ChatGPT-like interface to get an answer back in seconds. No need to involve data analysts to build custom reports, no need to wait minutes or even hours for queries to run, no issues with running thousands of queries at the same time. All of that is now possible thanks to Exasol’s team-up with Veezoo to combine fast insights with the power of AI.

Who Are Exasol?

Data analysis is a key component of successful business operations, and having the ability to quickly and accurately process data can be critical in determining the success or failure of an organization. Here at Exasol, we pride ourselves on providing the world’s fastest database to leading global brands. Our platform is designed to make it easy for anyone to work with large datasets and quickly generate actionable insights. We use a revolutionary, massively parallel processing (Loading...MPP) engine that can process billions of rows of data in just seconds, allowing you to get the most out of your data in the shortest amount of time.

To Exasol’s Espresso offering you can now add Veezoo, and together, these tools allow you to transform raw data into clear, valuable insights at the speed of now to gain the edge over your competitors.

What Is Exasol Espresso?

Exasol Espresso is an innovative BI accelerator designed to help businesses get the most out of their data by offering near real-time results. It uses an in-memory, columnar database with an MPP architecture and auto-tuning and creates a cache of your database so you can analyze the most complex queries faster, deeper, and cheaper.

Not convinced? Check the BARC Data Management Survey 2024 to see how Exasol was ranked top across 20 different KPIs against top vendors in the market.

What Is Veezoo?

There’s little sense in having access to reams of data if you have no easy way to interpret it and work with it. That’s where the power of AI can be harnessed to make data analysis more accessible to everyone in your organization. Veezoo is a self-service analytics solution that enables users to draw actionable insights from even the largest of datasets simply by asking for it, similar to Chat GPT but acting as your own organization chat interface. By leveraging the power of AI, users can visualize and uncover valuable trends and relationships within their data that may have otherwise been hidden or difficult to identify.

Veezoo takes things further, however, because it allows users to run queries and receive answers from the system using ordinary, everyday language, in exactly the same way as you would prompt a tool like ChatGPT. All you have to do is enter your query in natural language, and you’ll receive the statistics and data you need.

This chart illustrates how users showed a clear preference for Veezoo over an alternative tool, especially from a user experience standpoint.

How Does It Work?

Using Espresso and Veezoo is easy: Espresso acts as a layer which fits seamlessly between your data warehouse and Veezoo, and its main job is to accelerate the speed of your queries. This is achieved by creating a cache of the data, which allows for faster analysis and results. Once the data is processed, you can use Veezoo to run queries and create a visual dashboard, allowing you to access the data you need in the blink of an eye.

What Are the Benefits?

The advantages of using AI technology to power your queries and analyze your data are almost endless, and together, Espresso and Veezoo can offer your business a huge range of benefits, including:

Faster Results

The key factor that distinguishes Espresso & Veezoo from the competition is the sheer speed of the results on offer. Gone are the days of spending minutes, if not hours, trying to run queries – with Espresso, you’ll have the information you need at your fingertips in seconds. This frees up your data engineers and analysts to get on with other tasks that drive the business forward rather than spending time creating complex dashboards and waiting for queries to run. It also puts the power back in your hands because you get the data and information you need to make smart, data-driven decisions in confidence, all at the speed of now.

The Real Self-Service Analytics

The other key feature of Veezoo is the ChatGPT-style interface, which makes it an accessible tool for the entire hierarchy of your organization. Now you no longer have to rely on data analysts with knowledge of programming languages – with Veezoo, you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to the information you want to extract. This will also help adoption of your analytics tools as Veezoo & Espresso remove the barriers that usually come with many data stacks, improving data literacy and fostering innovation across the whole company.

Ability To Tweak and Analyze Data

Veezoo also puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to finding out key information – you can be very specific when choosing your data and can opt for clear visual displays that make it easy to find the details you need.

Flexibility at its Core

Espresso + Veezoo can be deployed flexibly using whichever model works best for your organization. Whether you need your data to be cloud only, on-premises, or a hybrid of the two, both tools can work seamlessly with each option.

Start Using AI To Transform Your Data Management

Espresso and Veezoo together create an incredibly powerful data analysis platform. Espresso provides a quick and powerful engine for processing large datasets, while Veezoo brings AI-powered analysis to the table. This combination makes it possible to quickly uncover insights that may have been difficult to find with traditional methods – even for non-technical users. 

If you’re looking to take your data analysis capabilities to the next level, take a shot of Espress for yourself with our free trial. Our team of experienced professionals can help you get the most out of Espresso and Veezoo – and start unlocking the power of your data today.


Can I Integrate Espresso and Veezoo into An Existing BI Set Up?

If your business is already using a data warehouse, Espresso + Veezoo can be added with minimal fuss, effort or disruption, and still offer you all the benefits you need to make empowered decisions. For best results, we’d recommend a combination of Exasol’s database, Espresso and Veezoo, as this gives you all you need to really transform your use of data and take your business to the next level using the fastest and most effective tools on the market.

Will My Business Benefit from Using Veezoo?

If your business typically has to process a huge amount of data and you’re struggling to scale and analyze it all effectively, Espresso + Veezoo is the product for you. Innovative AI-powered technology can help you take your data from raw figures to usable information that will put you ahead of your competitors in a fraction of the time.