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How to choose the right tech to turn your Big Data and cloud strategy into big wins

Using our analytics database and a hybrid approach to revolutionize your strategy

Data. Data. Data. It doesn’t matter how many times people mention the word it’s not going to magically transform your organisation into a data-driven powerhouse. You need a clear strategy to manage the ever-growing mountain of data, and the right technology to enable you to turn this all into useful data analytics.

To do this it’s vital that you invest in the right tech. You know better than anyone what this is going to be, but we think there are two key areas you need to consider:

Real-time analysis of large quantities of data

This is particularly important if you’re using your data for IoT. The processing of huge amounts of data from different sources in real time is crucial here. If these processes take too long, then you might end up with frustrated customers shouting at their fridge.

We recommend using an database (IMDB) as they offer the fastest access times. They work by using the main memory as an efficient acceleration cache – and thanks to significantly lower RAM prices, they’re a lot more affordable these days.

All major database manufacturers now offer an in-memory option for their product, but the basic algorithm they use isn’t really designed to cope with today’s ever-growing demands for super-fast data analytics.

That’s why we think we’re a bit different as our our high-performance in-memory analytics database gives you the power to transform how your organization works with data, on-premises, in the cloud or both – and turn it into value faster, easier and more cost effectively than ever before. Your needs might evolve but we’re confident that we’ll always be able to turn them into analytics you can use.

Being flexible with cloud, on-premises and hybrid strategies

Using the cloud for your data warehouse definitely has advantages – it’s scalable and cost effective. But these days when technology is rapidly changing what’s possible with data, it’s hard to tell what’s the best long term option. That’s why many organisations see the future of their data analytics as being in a flexible hybrid solution.

Our database is easy to use whether you have an existing cloud solution (like AWS, Google Cloud or Azure), need to work with your legacy on-premises infrastructure, or you’re looking for a hybrid data strategy. And you have complete flexibility to shape how you use it, year on year – whether that’s the ability to add a new data analytics language, using more schemas or adapting to something entirely new.

You can’t predict the future, but if you’re seriously thinking about your Loading...Big Data strategy, either in the cloud or on-premises, we can give you certainty that your data will be in safe hands.


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