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Please Your Customers: Be Bold, Be Brave & Innovate.

Our interconnected digital world allows us to know more about our business, our operations and our customers than ever before.

Indeed, never in the history of data has there been so much information out there that we can turn into real, tangible business value. And yet, it is staggering to see how many organizations still run their businesses in the same way they did five years ago.

However, for many, they could be forgiven for not knowing where to start. Sure, they’ve heard about the Loading...big data phenomenon, that analyzing corporate information with other freely-available data will give them a competitive advantage, that there’s an untold amount of gold at the end of that data rainbow. But where indeed do they start? For many, continuing to do the same-old, same-old is more comforting and less of a risk than changing tack and using vast data volumes to their advantage.

So, my call to businesses out there that are still running reports on what happened before or are continually looking backwards is clear: stop it. And stop it today. No-one cares about what occurred last month in a business anymore. Leading companies are now looking at the here-and-now and at what will happen tomorrow and in the future. Running Loading...predictive analytics as well as prescriptive analytics is now where it is at, where data sources from all manners of sources are being collated and analyzed in as near to real-time as possible in order to get those insights that will drive the business forward, much more quickly than ever before.

And that’s where Exasol can help. We’re a software company that lives and breathes data analytics. And we’re passionate about it, too. Indeed, the analyst firm Gartner recently published their 2015 Magic Quadrant report in which they cite Exasol customers continually praising the company for technology. I would also add our know-how and expertise.

Companies may find it daunting at first to get a grip on analytics. But, with our help and guidance, once you start finding nuggets of information in your data that you can use to your advantage, be it understanding your customers better, getting a bigger share of their wallet, or minimizing risk and fraud within your business, you can start to create and roll our new innovative and more dynamic products and services that will see your business grow at rates you never thought possible. And you can do it fast.

So, go on, dive into your data and let Exasol help you to do something with your data that you never thought feasible and to bring new innovative business models to fruition, fast. Contact us today.

It’s time to be brave. To be bold. To innovate.


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