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BARC’s Data Management Survey 23: What We Heard from Our Customers 

Helena Schwenk, VP Chief Data & Analytics Office

Every year, we look forward to BARC’s (Business Application Research Center) annual ‘The Data Management Survey’, and we’re thrilled to announce that this year’s results are in, highlighting Exasol’s greatest strengths and how we rank against the competition. Crucially, this is a great opportunity to see how our customers rate us – so what’s the verdict?  

Our customer commitment  

In this year’s survey, we received twelve “top” ratings across two peer groups, “Analytical Database Products”  and the custom group, “Exasol vs Cloud Data Warehousing Products”. This includes the highest scores in the categories covering “Automation”, “Technical capability” and “Functionality”, areas where we add significant value for our customers. Exasol was rated well above average across the range of categories assessed and the fact that 91% of users surveyed by BARC said they would recommend Exasol (based on the aggregate of “Definitely” and “Probably”), is a testament to that strong performance. Let’s dive deeper into some of these findings and what they mean for organisations working with Exasol. 

Ranked first in Technical Capability

The quality of our technology continues to shine through, as evidenced by our top rankings for Automation, Functionality, overall Technical Capability and Platform Reliability.  

As businesses increasingly want to dig deeper into their data and derive greater value from it, they need the time and resources to focus on more Loading...advanced analytics use cases. This is where automation plays a critical role, so we’re delighted that the report ranks us in first position, ahead of our peers, in two peer groups. We put that success down to Exasol’s auto-tuning capabilities which allow us to outstrip the competition thanks to the intelligent algorithms that constantly monitor and optimise performance as users scale. It’s no surprise that this automation is adopted widely by our customer base.

“So far, Exasol has led to time savings in many areas, allowing us to concentrate on the really important tasks,” explained one CIO/IT manager. “We in the data warehouse team are very happy that we only need to take care of the data analysis platform and the data analysis itself and not, as before, also the administration and maintenance of the clusters.” 

Exasol’s top ranking in the “Technical Capability” category across its peer groups, underlines the strength of the offering, showing high levels of connectivity, functionality and adaptability. As BARC states, Exasol “provides a mature and comprehensive set of analytical database functionality,” which we believe is underpinned by features such as our Virtual Schema that allow users to access data from multiple different sources – with no need to move the data or manage the ETL process manually.

Great value, support and reliability 

Customers also feel that Exasol delivers great value for their organisations, as evidenced by Exasol’s position as a “Leader” in the “Price to Value” category, across its peer groups. 84% of surveyed users rate Exasol’s price-performance ratio as excellent or good, backing up our leadership in the Loading...TPC-H Benchmark, year in year out. Automatic query tuning reduces maintenance and overheads, while seamless integrations and performance efficiency gets you more power at a fraction of normal infrastructure costs. All of this means that customers can run Exasol with minimal resourcing and watch while its performance improves with every use.  

What all of these rankings contribute to is delivering the best possible customer experience, another category in which Exasol was top-ranked in its peer groups, as it was in Support Quality. This embodies the commitment to customer satisfaction that we pride ourselves on.  The report cites that in general, “good support is by no means a given these days, as the ratings of some of the other products in this survey demonstrate,” so we are thrilled to be a leader in this category once more, this year.

Find out more about the Data Management market and Exasol’s position 

This blog provides a taster of the insights you can gather from BARC’s ‘The Data Management Survey 23’ but there’s so much more on offer in the full report. It will act as a comprehensive guide for those looking to invest in new data management products,  providing detailed analysis of the relative strengths of vendors across a wide range of categories. You’ll also be able to dig into the detail of how we compare against the competition, in the Exasol highlights report. So, why not equip yourself to make the best decision for your organisation – read the report now.

About The Data Management Survey 23 

The Data Management Survey 23 is based on the findings from BARC‘s major survey of data management end users, conducted from January to April 2022. In total, 1,236 people responded to the survey with 966 answering a series of detailed questions about their use of a named product. Altogether, 23 products (or groups of products) are analyzed in detail. The Data Management Survey 23 examines user feedback on data management product selection and usage across 18 criteria (KPIs) including Price to Value, Recommendation, Functionality and Product Satisfaction.