BARC: The Data Management Survey 23

Exasol is top ranked in 12 categories and a leader in 18 *

Find out why Exasol scores so highly across Analytical Database Products and Exasol vs. Cloud Data Warehousing Products peer groups **

If you’re planning to invest in your data and analytics stack, you need a comprehensive understanding of the vendors on the market and what they offer – BARC’s The Data Management survey 23 is essential reading.

Our Exasol highlights version of the report will show you:

  • Why 91% of Exasol users would recommend the data analytics platform to others ***
  • How we stack up against the competition and achieve top rankings in our peer groups across areas such as Automation, Technical Capability and Functionality
  • Why we’re leaders in Price-to-Value for our peer groups

Download the report today to uncover how you can realise the full value of your data with Exasol.

* This includes Exasol vs Cloud Data Warehousing Products, a custom peer group for Exasol
** Exasol vs Cloud Data Warehousing Products is a custom peer group for Exasol
*** Based on the aggregate of “Definitely” and “Probably”