A guide to #Turbocharge Tableau

Giving you even more reasons to love Tableau

As a Tableau user, you’ll already know it’s an incredibly effective visualization tool – but are you getting the data-driven insights you need, as quickly as you need them? In this guide, you will find out how to overcome challenges with poor-performing or ill-fitting data sources in the back-end that are holding you back.

Exasol & Tableau: faster, safer, seamless together

In it, you’ll discover how Exasol’s analytics database helps bring speed and power to Tableau. As well as how our Loading...flexible deployment makes it work within your existing infrastructure whether it’s on-premises, in-cloud, or as part of a hybrid approach. Plus, we reveal how our analytics database:

  • Delivers Loading...real-time analytics at scale
  • Works 10x faster than hyper extracts
  • Reduces TCO and improves centralized governance
  • Enables self-service analytics for game-changing insight

Download our #TurbochargeTableau guide and uncover more reasons to love tableau, with Exasol’s data acceleration layer.

#Turbo charge tableau