Consent to information processing


1. Scope

The consent to the processing, use and transfer of personal data in accordance with subparagraph 3 applies to all users who have registered effective of May 28th, 2018 and accepted this privacy policy. Users who might have registered at an earlier date are giving their consent from the date on which this privacy statement was approved. This consent may be revoked at any time with an effect for the future.

The general privacy policy applies as long as the declaration of consent (see subparagraph 3) contains no divergence to the general regulations of Exasol.

2. Contact

If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement or the processing of personal data by Exasol, please do not hesitate to contact our data protection officer:

Mr. Bernhard Bock
Projekt 29 GmbH & Co. KG
Ostengasse 14
93047 Regensburg

Tel.: 0941 2986930
Fax: 0941 29869316

Further ways to get into contact with us can be found in our legal disclosure.

3. Declaration of consent

Hereby, I allow Exasol to collect, process and use my personal data for the purposes outlined in this declaration (according to Article 6 (1) (a) GDPR and Article 7 GDPR). Exasol is composed of a group of companies engaging worldwide in business. Therefore, I agree to the reporting and transfer of my data for the purposes listed below to other companies within the Exasol group (consisting of Exasol AG, Exasol Vertriebsholding GmbH, Exasol Europa Vertriebs GmbH, Exasol Cloud Computing GmbH, Exasol Big Data Technologies GmbH, Exasol UK Limited, Exasol France SAS, and Exasol Inc. (USA); hereinafter referred to as “Exasol”). This may be necessary, for example due to optimal care by the respective local Exasol market organization.

If the registration form contains information about forwarding data to a partner company of Exasol, I agree to the data transfer to the specified partner company.

This consent may be revoked at any time with an effect for the future.

3.1 Registration for downloads, newsletters and webinar participation and similar

I agree to the usage of the mandatory and voluntary field data collected via a registration form by Exasol for downloads and webinar participation, in order to allow me to use the online services offered, such as the download materials or webinars. The data collected in this way can be stored for an unlimited time. I can revoke this consent at any time with an effect for the future. A promotional use of these data takes place in accordance with subparagraph 3.2 of this declaration of consent.

3.2 Promotional usage of data

I agree that the data collected in the mandatory and voluntary registration fields as well as the web analytics data of my visits of the Exasol website can be saved as a profile and evaluated for personal advertising targeting purposes and uses by the Exasol group. To collect the above-mentioned web analytics we use “cookies”. Cookies are (very) small text files stored by your browser. They serve to make the usability of a website easier, more effective and safer. Cookies saved on your computer generate no harm, take minimal memory space and are free from viruses.

In addition, I also authorize the use of mathematical and statistical methods to analyze my data for marketing purposes (promotional scoring). Promotional use of the email address is only allowed with a separate consent.

3.3 Promotional usage of e-mail-address, e-mail tracking

I agree that the e-mail address I provided to Exasol can be used by Exasol for personal advertising targeting purposes. I have the right to object to the use of my personal data for marketing purposes (in particular with regard to e-mails received from Exasol) and can exercise this option at any time by removing myself from the mailing list by means of the unsubscribe link in the received e-mail itself.

I agree that by receiving e-mails from Exasol for marketing purposes, Exasol may use e-mail tracking (also called web beacons or tracking pixels). E-mail tracking means that the e-mail sender can record the time and date the e-mail is opened as well as the time and date a recipient opens a hyperlink in the e-mail. Such tracking is possible because the name of the tracking pixel or hyperlink is personalized for every e-mail recipient by appending a unique ID to it.

If I do not agree to the storage and use of my data for e-mail tracking any more, I can object to its storage and use by using the unsubscribe link contained in any e-mail from Exasol at any time, with effect for the future.

3.4 Public Demo and Dataviz System

During my use of Exasol Public Demo or Dataviz Systems, I agree that Exasol collects:

All my database interactions, including, without any limitations, logins, logouts, queries placed, usage time, IP address and operating system (implemented by activating the auditing function of the database, as specified in detail in the user manual’s appendix regarding system tables EXA_DBA_AUDIT_SESSIONS and EXA_DBA_AUDIT_SQL).

Exasol will use the data in order to protect against misuse of the systems, in order to gather pseudonymized usage statistics and for improving Exasol´s products and services (e.g. by creating use driven test scenarios and by analyzing queries).

I may at any time ask Exasol to remove any data attributable to my person or request information about such data by contacting Exasol (see contact information above).