NovioQ is your experienced partner for enterprise-grade web and mobile applications and data insights. NovioQ is a fast growing, agile and innovative company with decades of experience and focus on the enterprise market. Their mission is to deliver reliable, fast, scalable and low-maintenance solutions using best of breed technologies and an extensive partner network.

They enjoy complex projects, especially when it involves integrations with multiple sources, large back-end systems and cloud solutions like:

– new corporate web and mobile business applications using OutSystems low-code Rapid Application Development technology

– business data warehousing, analytics & intelligence platforms using Exasol Loading...MPP database technology

Besides using Exasol for regular business data warehousing, analytics & intelligence solutions, they have also chosen to use Exasol together with the low-code OutSystems platform for large data consolidations and analytics, because it perfectly fits their low-code, low-maintenance, low-costs and ultra-fast ideology.

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