Bissantz & Company GmbH

Bissantz & Company GmbH

The business intelligence solutions DeltaMaster and DashBoard by Bissantz help you making the right decisions faster than ever. Using a unique concept with signals and navigation options, DeltaMaster shows the most important KPIs and their causes immediately – so that you gain more time for actions. Bissantz DashBoard was developed specifically for mobile management reporting: It combines data navigation, variance analysis, and performance management in a compact and comprehensible way.

Bissantz & Company is a German software company from Nuremberg specializing in solutions for sophisticated data analysis, planning and reporting tasks. They are used in a wide range of industries, both in medium-sized and large companies. A particular focus is on the automation of business management analyses using methods of Loading...artificial intelligence. Bissantz is considered a pioneer in visualization and mobile business intelligence solutions.

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