Argusa Sarl

Exasol Authorised Partner Argusa

The Argusa team is made up of Exasol & Tableau certified consultants. We help our clients during the various steps of their data journey:

  • Definition of the BI roadmap and the alignment of KPIs with strategic, architectural and governance objectives
  • Implementation of the BI roadmap:
    • Building a high performance data platform to run analytics: we combine Tableau with Exasol to achieve consistent performance on large datasets
    • DWH Automation: we use Wherescape to rapidly deliver and maintain a high quality data warehouse  
    • Empowerment of knowledge workers: customised mix of Tableau implementation, coaching and training
    • Implementation of Loading...Artificial Intelligence systems and processes: we use DataRobot for a hassle-free development and deployment of state-of-art AI systems
  • Formulation and implementation of a data governance strategy

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