Digital Planet team saves itself 36 hours a month with Exasol

Exasol + Digital Planet

Load times have been reduced from 2 hours to 7 minutes

The performance boost has allowed Digital Planet to launch a self-service analytics platform for customers

London, UK – August 31, 2021 –  Exasol, the high-performance analytics database, today announced that customer Digital Planet has seen huge improvements in data performance since migrating off its SQL Server based data warehouse. Implementing Exasol alongside Yellowfin for visualization has brought a 1700% boost in initial load times, reducing them from 2 hours to 7 minutes. This has allowed the company to build an analytics self-service platform for its customers with 100% data availability. Now that customers have direct access to data, the company’s internal teams are benefitting from 36 hours saved every month through no longer having to provide reporting to clients.

Digital Planet’s old SQL-based data warehouse was impeding its ability to grow and adapt its services. As one of South Africa’s first ecommerce brands, the company’s success is built on its ability to evolve and develop its offering. For the company to be able to offer its clients fast, reliable and accessible self-service, it needed to optimize its data environment so that it could support Loading...advanced analytics.

“We are transitioning from being information pushers to enabling our customers to be information pullers. With Exasol, our data is always available and always as live as possible,” said Dominic Albrecht, Head of Analytics at Digital Planet. “We wanted to help our clients make better informed decisions faster,” says Dominic. “To do that, we needed a reliable platform that could serve those insights without delays, and that is where Exasol comes in.”

As Digital Planet shifts from a service company to a products company, data availability and reliability is a big priority. With Exasol bringing faster performance, more frequent data ingest, and the ability to quickly add more users, Digital Planet puts its customers in control. The relationship management cost and time savings are significant, while customers get a responsive self-reporting experience.

You can find out more about how Exasol is helping Digital Planet empower its clients and create reliably better experiences here.

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