Deutsche Bahn relies on Exasol

Deutsche Bahn relies on Exasol

DB Systel GmbH, Deutsche Bahn’s digital partner, optimizes its data ecosystem with Exasol’s high-performance analytics database

Nuremberg, Germany – July 22, 2021 – Today, Exasol announces that DB Systel GmbH, Deutsche Bahn’s digital partner, is now relying on its high-performance analytics database to support and make business processes of DB Station & Service AG more efficient.

“The digital revolution offers enormous development opportunities for the entire DB Group,” said Sven Grun, Product Owner of the Data Intelligence unit at DB Systel GmbH. “To realize these, it is absolutely necessary to have an end-to-end view of our data ecosystem. With Exasol’s solution, this is now possible.”

DB Station & Service AG operates Deutsche Bahn’s railroad stations. DB Systel GmbH has an existing data stack consisting of a data lake, data warehouse, various web servers and visualization tools. Exasol enables DB Systel GmbH to quickly incorporate data from operational systems and to run analysis and simulation results from various databases and platforms faster than before.

DB Station & Service wanted the migration process to be as simple as possible. They were also looking for good scalability that would ensure the ecosystem could be easily adapted to cope with future challenges. In addition, DB Systel GmbH needed large volumes of data to be stored and analysed in real time. This requires high performance, which the Exasol database can guarantee via its technology. Compared to other products on the market, Exasol delivers up to 100 times the speed.

Native access to S3 – a service offered by Amazon Web Services that provides object storage via a web service interface – was also essential. Various file formats such as parquet, delimited text (compressed) and semi-structured (json/xml) data had to be handled. In addition, the customer needed a database that could run analytics to feed Loading...machine learning models, as well as support managed services. And finally, the solution had to allow for Deutsche Bahn-compliant encryption as well as appropriate deployment.

Exasol’s high performance analytics database not only fits the bill in terms of scalability and flexibility, but the company also has a strong presence in Germany, with headquarters in Nuremberg, which is a plus for customers in the DACH.

“The collaboration with DB Systel is extremely exciting for us and we are pleased that the company has chosen Exasol,” says Mathias Golombek, CTO at Exasol. “Corporations like Deutsche Bahn have to manage immense volumes of data that originates from very different systems – a major challenge that can be tackled with our solution.”

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DB Systel GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of DB AG and a digital partner for all group companies. With our holistic, customer-specific offer, which complies with the highest IT standards, we are successfully driving the digitization of all DB AG companies with integration and added value. For this purpose, we develop effective and efficient customer solutions based on innovative topics such as cloud, Loading...big data, the Internet of Things and Loading...artificial intelligence. As a long-term partner, we bring extensive railway and IT know-how and work independently of the manufacturer in order to achieve the common goal. Around 4,400 Systel employees are currently employed at our main locations in Frankfurt, Berlin and Erfurt. Further information can be found at

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