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Letter From The CEO: Moving Into Our Next Chapter

What is innovation?

I believe that it requires more than a fresh perspective and a contribution, as important as this is. Being innovative demands a commitment towards improving the industry by offering businesses and individuals a better way forward, a positive and more productive direction, and let’s be clear: there are no shortcuts.

Since my first day at Exasol in 2006, I have been more than impressed with the dedication of every member of the team to creating something better, a pure and clean solution to add real value to businesses, and to an unwavering code of ethics. Everyone on the Exasol team values excellence, innovation and a forward-thinking approach along with mutual respect, accessibility, and good, old-fashioned kindness.  This is what we are and have always been about, and I am pleased to report that this will never change.

What will change is the way we make these values relevant to all of you and experienced by you.

Working in this incredibly dynamic and ever-changing industry has shown us all that complacency works as an anchor that holds us to outdated patterns and procedures. We know that the only way to support the growing Exasol community, we must pay close attention to the ways our many different clients and customers want to do their jobs and live their lives.  We will listen closely to what you want most from us aside from a fast analytic database.  After a year of interviews, meetings, research and one-on-one conversations with many of you, we are proud to announce the launch of a highly-optimised, interactive online platform that has been designed with your needs in mind.

Over the next few months, you will notice a few changes. Our new website will showcase articles, tips and How To’s from our team of experts as well as industry round-ups showcasing the latest movement in Data and Tech. Over the next few months you will be able to access Q and A’s with clients, videos and much more.

Our social media platforms will remain dedicated to contributing to the dynamic conversations that are constantly taking place in our industry as well as give a voice to the many people in the Exasol community.

You might also notice that our logo has enjoyed a few small tweaks to better represent our growth, movement and where we are looking to go in the future.  It is my hope that these tweaks and new features bring about new opportunities to support your efforts, businesses and personal and professional goals.

As always, I invite you to share your thoughts and feedback with me.

Here’s to a great next chapter,