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Let them have ALL the data

Last week Exasol joined forces with the Tableau community as part of the weekly Makeover Monday social data project run by Andy Kriebel, Tableau Zen Master and Head Coach at The Data School and Eva Murray, Exasol’s very own Tableau Evangelist.

The project involves a weekly challenge for the Tableau and broader data visualization community to take an existing chart or dashboard and improve it by using the dataset and applying best practices and creative design techniques to tell the data story more effectively. The objective of Makeover Monday is to help members of the Tableau community practice using Tableau, improve their technical skills, get better at telling stories with data and collaborate with others, while engaging with a different topic and dataset every week.

Makeover Monday goes large!

For the week of February 6, the dataset came from the City of Chicago and included all the taxi trips taken by passengers in the city since 2013. Clearly, this was going to be a very large dataset compared to those usually published for the community and at 105 million records for the full set, Andy and Eva chose to use Exasol as a way of providing access to ALL the data for those who were interested. Alternatively, people could use a data extract of 14 million rows to enable easy publishing to Tableau Public which currently has a limit of 15 million records for each extract.

The team at Exasol put together the environment for participants to access the data from anywhere in the world through their Tableau Desktop interface and registrations for data access opened on Saturday, 4 February with the challenge kicking off on Sunday when most people started to get into their usual ‘Makeover Monday routine’.

Show us your viz

Here at Exasol we were delighted to see the level of engagement the #MakeoverMonday community showed throughout the week as they explored the data, tried different approaches and built their stories. The discussions on Twitter, LinkedIn, in emails and blogs have shown us that people in the Tableau community are clearly eager to get their hands on large datasets to find new insights and see what they can do in Tableau with lots of data.

We also enjoyed seeing all the different types of data visualizations which came out of this challenge and many participants went above and beyond with the data, creating very insightful dashboards, stunning maps and charts and showing us some surprising findings about the Chicago Taxi industry.

A big thanks from Exasol

We at Exasol would like to thank everyone for getting involved in this week’s Makeover Monday challenge using a large dataset and have selected a handful of dashboards that were outstanding examples of data visualizations and which you can check out by clicking on the images below.

Stay tuned for the next ‘Loading...Big Data challenge’, which we are currently planning behind the scenes.

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