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Analyzing global discussions with Exasol, Alteryx and the Twitter API

How to use Alteryx and the Twitter API to transform and load the social media data into Exasol?

Us humans have shared stories for millennia, verbally, through pictures, and later through written language. With the rise of social media in the last decade, our ability to connect with others, be part of events and movements and contribute our voices to the greater conversation has become easier than ever.
Even if we can’t be present at every event that interests us, through digital media we can follow the action from afar, share things of interest and engage with a community online.

The United Nations’ General Assembly brings together all 193 member states with a session in late September each year, including numerous meetings, debates, initiatives and events. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Action Campaign is a special initiative in the UN Development Programme and supports the public engagement on the implementation of the SDGs.

During the UN General Assembly, the SDG Action Campaign team is monitoring the conversations on Twitter surrounding the event, different interest groups and topics. To do this most effectively and to collect the data they need to analyze and visualize social media activity following the event, the team has been working with Exasol and the Information Lab.

In this collaboration, a small team of analysts came together to quickly and efficiently collect data, analyze and visualize it. The tools that were used include Alteryx for a workflow that pulls the data via the Twitter API, transforms it and loads it into Exasol where data is stored for fast analysis and processing by analytical software. Tableau is used to visualize the results and make them accessible to a wider audience.

Using Exasol, Alteryx and Tableau together has become a very popular approach for organizations that want to democratize data and put analytics into the hands of their business people.


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