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BI front-end tools are only as good as the underlying data.

One of things that always strikes me as odd when I talk to users of BI front-end tools is how they are persuaded by the applications’ nice dashboards and reports, but fail to realise that the tools are only as good as the underlying data. Clearly, some solutions in the market can help you interact with data in a very intuitive way, but if the tools in question cannot access data quickly enough, it doesn’t matter how many colours or shapes you want to see on your screen as the reporting will take a long time to run.

You see, the BI tools folks use are translating drag-and-drop functions into SQL commands and then running them against the data in your underlying database. But if those SQL commands cannot be satisfied quickly by your database, then the BI tool is increasingly redundant in terms of effectiveness.

That’s why we offer the Tableau Turbo by Exasol. The offering is simple: if you’re using Tableau’s great BI, reporting and visualization software to see and understand your data, but are struggling with performance, then you need Exasol. Using Exasol as the analytic engine to power your Tableau front-end tool means that you will be able to accelerate your reporting and visualizations dramatically.

And that’s exactly what the Tableau Turbo does. Available in three configurations with hardware included (100 GB of data, 500 GB of data and 2 TB of data) and starting from just €15,000, the Tableau Turbo is designed to complement any existing databases, data marts and data warehouses that you may have, and act as an acceleration layer in order to make your data visualizations in Tableau just fly.

So, if you’re using Tableau and the software can’t quite render the information you want because your underlying database cannot return the information Tableau needs quickly enough, then take a look at the Tableau Turbo. There’s a short video you can watch to understand the offering.

Or, if you’re headed to the Tableau On Tour events in Berlin (June 10-12) or London (July 6-8), come and talk to us. We’d be happy to show you just how easy it is to get started and to make those Tableau visualizations you’ve worked on truly fly!

In the meantime, learn more about the Tableau Turbo by Exasol.