WashTec & Exasol: Optimizing Operations Through Predictive Maintenance

Case Study

WashTec AG, a global leader and innovator in car wash technology, is fast becoming a data-driven company. As part of their digitalization process, they’re turning to Data Analytics to provide car wash operators and service technicians with the initial steps they need to implement predictive maintenance for their car wash systems. This not only prevents costly downtime, but also helps them ensure even more efficient operation.

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The Facts

On Premises

The Gist

The Challenge

WashTec needed to step away from the previously isolated state of data for their car wash systems and establish a more unified data management system for their analytics.

The Solution

Implementing Exasol Espresso to enable them to rapidly analze data for tens of thousands of car wash systems.

“The solution runs absolutely stably and reliably. Working with Data Virtuality Pipes not only frees us from time-consuming data preparation and confusing data integration workflows, but also automatically loads current data into the database according to our predefined schedule. This allows us more time for strategic tasks and significantly promotes data culture and technological openness within the company, thanks to the high user-friendliness and quick access to current data insights.“

Diana Grand, Data Analyst WashTec


Benefits for WashTec

Digitalization strategy

With faster data analytics, WashTec’s car wash systems became more innovative for service and operation.

High reliability

Predictive Maintenance enables efficient operation of washing facilities.


More optimized chemical and water usage, which in turn lowers costs and reduces WashTec’s impact on teh environment.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The greater intelligence in WashTec’s car wash systems allows them to provide individually selectable customer offers based on the situation and time.

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