6 months to integrate into multiple IT systems

The Gist

The challenge

Medion was using Excel to manage data across SAP, ERP, and multiple CRMs, limiting the speed and quality of predictive analysis. As its portfolio of digital products grew, they began looking for a high-powered solution that could support BI, data warehousing, and data science.

The solution

Within six months, Medion implemented Exasol into its IT systems and infrastructure.

“It was really easy to integrate it with our IT systems — an unbelievable value considering the power and speed of the analytics.”

Dr. Matthias Meyer-Pundsack, IT Director


The benefits for Medion

Democratization of data and self-tuning technology frees up hours of time previously spent on administration

Faster access to data and reporting for better insights and business decisions

All data analytics and reporting tools now powered by a single database

Turn your business intelligence into better insights today!