Apotek 1's Data-Driven Transformation: Achieving 100X Faster Insights with Exasol Espresso

Case Study

Apotek 1’s partnership with Exasol has been transformative, helping the company overcome limitations and become a more data-driven enterprise. By providing a high-performance, scalable, and reliable acceleration layer, Exasol Espresso has empowered Apotek 1’s business users with improved data accessibility.

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The Facts

Over 3,500
Espresso on Oracle Cloud

The Gist

The challenge

Slow query performance, inconsistent response times, and limited data analytics capabilities hindered Apotek 1’s ability to gain timely insights and make data-driven decisions.

The solution

Implementing Exasol Espresso as a high-performance analytics accelerator, enabling faster query performance, improved data accessibility, and enhanced self-service analytics.

"Exasol has transformed our data analysis, reducing complex queries from hours to seconds. With significantly enhanced response times, Apotek 1 has unlocked new data insights for over 1,000 users across 450+ pharmacies and head office functions"

Lars Sommervold, Head of Analytics, Apotek 1


Performance Boost

10-100X faster query performance, enabling complex analysis and data-driven decision-making

Improved Stock Management

Optimized promotional effectiveness and improved stock management through granular data analysis

Supply Chain Optimizations

Enhanced operational visibility and supply chain optimization across 450+ pharmacies

Improvement and Growth

Fostered a data-driven culture of curiosity and innovation, driving continuous improvement and growth

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