BARC The Data Management Survey: 95% of Exasol Users Rate Performance as Excellent or Good

Exasol demonstrates continued success in the Cloud Data Warehousing and Analytical Database Products peer groups

NUREMBERG, GERMANY – October 25, 2023 – For the fourth consecutive year, Exasol, the high-performance database provider, achieved high rankings in The Data Management Survey 24, an annual survey conducted by BARC (Business Application Research Center). According to the survey, Exasol was rated well above average in many of the criteria studied this year: 95% of surveyed users rated Exasol as excellent or good in the Performance KPI, and 91% said the same for both Platform Reliability and Implementer Support. Compared to the average data management tool (which only held satisfaction scores of 75%, 79% and 74%, respectively), Exasol’s ratings are significantly higher.

The survey features various data management tools which are grouped into seven peer groups to allow for fair and useful comparisons. Among its peer groups, Exasol held 20 top rankings and 13 leading positions, and ranked highly in the Cloud Data Warehousing and Analytical Database Products peer groups, both of which examined Exasol alongside notable industry players like Snowflake and Google BigQuery.

With customer feedback such as “excellent performance with no administrative effort required” and “the introduction of Exasol was the best decision of the decade,” it is no surprise that Exasol was top ranked in the Cloud Data Warehousing and Analytical Database Products peer groups, across technical KPIs such as:

  • Project Success
  • Performance
  • Platform Reliability
  • Functional Coverage
  • Connectivity
  • Extensibility
  • Technology Foundation
  • Functionality

“At Exasol, we pride ourselves on providing users with a world-class data analytics platform that is faster, more cost-effective and provides deeper, richer insights than others on the market,” said Jörg Tewes, CEO, Exasol. “The latest BARC survey results serve as further testament of our commitment to empowering users to make informed, accelerated, data-driven decisions that create true business value – on their own terms, without having to compromise.”

Exasol also ranked highly in customer support in both peer groups, receiving top marks in vendor support and implementer support. These achievements support Exasol’s position as a leader in User Experience, ranking above the majority of its peers in these groups, while also providing its customers with a first-class analytics experience. BARC defines the “User Experience” KPI as a combination of Ease of Use, Adaptability, Deployment & Operations, and Development & Content Creation scores.

“The results further demonstrate the high standards Exasol sets for its analytics database performance and customer satisfaction, during a time when data is integral to business success,” said Timm Grosser, senior analyst data & analytics at BARC and author of the study. “Customers view Exasol as a true partner to their business – one that understands their need to drive business value without unnecessary, hidden costs. It is clear why (86 percent of) respondents highlight the high satisfaction with Exasol.”

The survey was conducted by BARC (Business Application Research Center), one of Europe’s leading analyst firms for business software based in Würzburg, Germany. Read the full report of Exasol highlights: BARC: The Data Management Survey 24

About The Data Management Survey
The Data Management Survey 24 is based on the findings from BARC’s major survey of data management end users, conducted from January to May 2023. In total, 960 people responded to the survey with 700 answering a series of detailed questions about their use of a named product. Altogether, 21 products (or groups of products) are analyzed in detail. The Data Management Survey 24 examines user feedback on data management product selection and usage across 32 criteria (KPIs) including Price to Value, Recommendation, Functionality and Product Satisfaction. For more information on the survey, please visit the BI survey website:

About Exasol
Exasol is the no-compromise analytics database that provides increased productivity, cost-savings and flexibility, redefining how businesses use data.

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