BARC: The Data Management 22 Survey

Exasol is top ranked across 26 KPIs and 2 peer groups.

The Data Management Survey examined feedback based on a 2021 survey of 845 data management end users. The results, compiled by BARC (Business Application Research Center), combine with expert analyst commentary to form the full assessment.

Conducted annually, this year’s survey reveals that 100% of Exasol users recommend our high-performance analytics database. Exasol also achieved 26 top rankings and leading positions in 5 KPIs against its Data Warehouse Technologies and Analytical Database peer groups, including:

  1. Performance
  2. Platform Reliability
  3. Time to Market
  4. Technical Capability

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Barc - Top Ranked: Performance Analytical Database Products
Barc - Top Ranked: Time to market - Analytical Database Products
Barc - Top Ranked: Platform Reliability Analytical Database Products
Barc - Top Ranked: Customer satisfaction Data Warehouse Technologies

Here’s what customers said about Exasol:

“It’s amazing. We ran a lot of performance tests before choosing Exasol, and Exasol was by far the fastest.”

-CIO/IT Management, IT, <100 employees

“Probably the best option on the market for on-premise deployments. You’ll need much less hardware to run Exasol compared to other solutions.”

-Data engineer/data manager, IT, 100-2,500 employees 

“Its performance is very good and additional features like SQL preprocessing and UDF integration open the system up to a host of use-cases.”

-Project manager for BI from IT department, insurance, >2,500 employees 

Download our highlight report to learn more about our rating and see how we stacked up against the competition.