Exasol on AWS

Get next-level analytics performance on AWS

Accelerate Analytics on AWS with The World’s Fastest Analytics Database

You’ve moved your data to AWS. Now you need a highly performant database on AWS to extract the value in that data. Exasol is here to help.

High-performance at scale

  • Process data in memory
  • Store data in columnar format
  • Run queries on an MPP engine

Ease of use

  • Auto-tune query performance
  • Accelerate data science in production
  • Integrate with AWS ecosystem services

Analytics anywhere

  • Run high-performance analytics securely on AWS and hybrid
  • Access data anywhere with Virtual Schema

Predictable pricing

  • Scale out your analytics for one transparent price with no hidden costs

World’s innovative brands use Exasol on AWS

How we fit in the AWS ecosystem

Exasol fits seamlessly within your existing AWS infrastructure and is natively integrated with critical AWS ecosystem services. With Exasol as the analytics acceleration engine on AWS, you benefit from an immediate performance advantage for various analytics workloads, including BI reporting, ad hoc analysis, and machine learning.

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100 faster 11.6m QphH Exasol
0.1m QphH Legacy Systems

Exasol is consistently ranked No. 1 for performance by the TPC-H benchmark.

3 steps to launching Exasol on AWS

  • Step


    Select the configuration you need using Cloud Deployment Wizard

    Launch wizard
  • Step


    Download Cloudformation Templates for server side configuration

  • Step


    In AWS complete your deployment by choosing from two license types

    Type 1

    Bring your own license (BYOL)

    Use your own AWS license – and only pay for the AWS cloud compute and storage costs, with complete flexibility to scale up or down.

    Type 2

    Pay as you go (PAYG)

    Pay-per-hour for the time you use our analytics database, along with your chosen AWS compute and storage.

Webinar ‘How to use Virtual Schemas?

What are Virtual Schemas?

Exasol Virtual Schemas are an abstraction layer that makes external data sources accessible in our data analytics platform through regular SQL commands. The contents of the external data sources are mapped to virtual tables which look like and can be queried as any regular Exasol table.

What will you learn?

In this webinar we will show you:

– How easy it is to setup and use Virtual Schemas in the Cloud by setting up Virtual Schemas to Amazon Aurora and Athena

– How Hybrid Exasol Setups are easily possible with Virtual Schemas by connecting a Cloud Exasol Instance to a On Prem Exasol Instance

How to set up Virtual Schemas in AWS and for hybrid cloud
19 mins

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