Deploy Exasol analytics database on AWS

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Amazon Web Services

Why you should consider using Exasol with AWS?
Customers in various industries and lines of business accelerate existing BI solutions or tools and replace or modernize older data warehouses by using Exasol.

Common Challenges

  • Slow data loading

  • Sluggish rendering of visualizations

  • Fragmented data sources

  • Machine learning solutions not integrated

The Solution

  • Exasol in-memory algorithms process 100s of TBs of data in seconds

  • Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) distributes data across a cluster’s nodes

  • Columnar storage reduces the number of I/O operations and amount of data needed for processing in main memory

Who is using Exasol on AWS

Xing Zalando Corteva Nrcua

How Exasol fits in your existing architecture

Our analytics database fits seamlessly with your existing infrastructure as the software runs on AWS Compute and AWS Storage. It also boosts the performance of other AWS services – such as AWS Kinesis for streaming data and AWS SageMaker for AI or ML in the cloud.

100 faster EXASOL 11.3m QphH

Exasol is consistently ranked No.1 for performance per owner cost by the TPC-H Benchmark. See report.

3 steps to getting started with Exasol on AWS

Cloud Tool Wizard Step 1

Step #1

Select the configuration you need using Cloud Deployment Wizard

Launch wizard | Watch tutorial

Cloud Tool Wizard Step 2

Step #2

Download Cloudformation Templates for server side configuration

Step #3

In AWS’s complete your deployment by choosing from two license types:

Bring your own license (BYOL)

Use your own AWS license – and only pay for the AWS cloud compute and storage costs, with complete flexibility to scale up or down.

Go to AWS Marketplace

Pay as you go (PAYG)

Pay-per-hour for the time you use our analytics database, along with your chosen AWS compute and storage.

Go to AWS Marketplace

Want to know more?

New to Exasol?

  • Check out the get-started doc

  • Webinar ‘How to use Virtual Schemas?

  • Join the community to get peer support

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