AHOOLY relies on EXASolution for real-time analyses – successful market entrance in Austria

The Austrian IP communication provider benefits from Loading...in-memory technology from Nuremberg

Nuremberg, 28. March 2012 – Nuremberg-based EXASOL AG has acquired AHOOLY as a new customer. The Austrian company provides services in the area of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication and relies on the relational, high-performance database EXASolution for its ad hoc analyses. Thanks to the database management solution from EXASOL, AHOOLY can evaluate the entire amount of communication in its IP networks in real time. The information acquired from the analyses flows directly into optimising the service quality. For example, data that provides information about speech quality is prepared in seconds and disruptions are precisely determined and classified. By using EXASolution, AHOOLY is able to optimise its return on assets and generate sustainable competitive advantages.

“EXASolution allows us to analyse information via many thousands of parallel connections on an ad hoc-basis from anywhere within the network,” says Gerald Wirtl, CEO of AHOOLY IP Communications GmbH. “As a result of the extremely reduced maintenance times and the decrease in the amount of administration required, we can optimise our entire VoIP monitoring and our customers benefit from tailor-made services”.

AHOOLY is based in Linz and its services range from added value services based on VoIP to software for mobile phones. With the company’s money-saving solutions, both private and business customers can carry out their telephony services either partially or completely via the IP infrastructure. The systems are either fully stored on AHOOLY’s servers or are combined with the company’s service via corresponding VoIP gateways.

“EXASolution allows AHOOLY to access all data sources safely, simply and flexibly at any time and also allows the company to carry out efficient analyses,” says Steffen Weissbarth, CEO of EXASOL AG. “Thanks to the high performance and endless scalability of our database solution, the company can also reduce its total cost of ownership. We are proud to have acquired AHOOLY as our first Austrian-based customer”.

EXASOL AG, based in Nuremberg, develops and markets the high-performance database EXASolution, based on Loading...in-memory technology, which was designed specifically for enterprise warehouse applications and business intelligence solutions. This allows very large volumes of data to be analysed and evaluated in the shortest space of time. Thanks to the high per-formance and low administrative costs it offers, EXASolution supports businesses not just with valuable decision-making fundamentals from their data, but also by reducing the total cost of ownership. EXASOL AG was named by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” in the category Data Management and Integration for 2011. EXASolution 4.0 was used for the underlying benchmark test series. This year Gartner included EXASOL in the “Magic Quadrant Data Warehouse Database Management Systems” for the first time.