Case Study

Exasol puts data at the core of Europe’s leading ticketing provider

Eventim sells hundreds of millions of tickets through multiple online platforms. The question it asked itself was how best to consolidate and leverage this data?

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Exasol has helped us deliver revenue rather than just being a cost centre. This has allowed the board to really see the value we bring, creating a great relationship with the department and the rest of the business.

Dr. Ulrich Fricke / Head of Information Management & Technology
Retail & E-Commerce
BI Tool
MicroStrategy; Plain SQL
ETL Tool
Informatica; Pentaho Data Integration


  • rapid data growth posed challenge for existing IT infrastructure
  • legacy database struggled with analytical queries – stifling growth
  • ticketing-system did not allow for analytical reporting
  • overarching system was complex and fragmented


  • a database that functions as a central data hub that consolidates all data in one location
  • performance testing showed Exasol demonstrate superior performance: processes run 20-100x faster
  • ETL processes are processed faster
  • scalable solution that minimizes administrative overhead
  • simple Hadoop-integration


For customers

  • new, innovative CRM system implemented together with a recommendation engine
  • customer experience optimized; at the same time, Eventim was able to sell several 100k more tickets

For partners:

  • development of a portal that promoter can use for analysis to adjust prices or post additonal adverts.


  • Exasol supports analysis to identify illicit multi-purchase transactions
  • Eventim uses Microstrategy for reporting; Exasol was developed to be a complementary¬† accelerator with reporting solutions
  • less organisational and adminstrational overhead (less tedious work for the operations team thanks to Exasol)