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Yotilla is the central engine to automate modern data products and data warehouses.

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Solving the Challenges of a Data-Driven Business

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, a staggering 83% of companies say that traditional data warehouses just aren’t fast enough to meet their business needs, and often need extensive, time-consuming adjustments that can disrupt operations. This bottleneck is caused by three key challenges:

Slow Time To Market: It’s getting tougher to implement crucial business changes quickly and effectively, and this often causes companies to miss critical opportunities and lag behind the competition.

Lack of Professionals: There's a notable scarcity of professionals with the expertise needed to manage and interpret the growing complexities of data.

Lack of Skills: Creating and delivering modern data products or data warehouses requires strong technical expertise that isn’t often available.

Become Data-Driven
with Yotilla

Yotilla is the driving force behind modern data products and data warehouse automation, staying at the heart of your data-driven success so that you focus on what matters most - delivering business value efficiently and within budget.

Easy Automation. Maximum Impact

Yotilla's unique approach automates all of your technical tasks based on your conceptual model. This means you waste zero time dealing with technical implementation and can focus on business requirements instead. Yotilla ensures that your data solutions are always aligned with your business objectives, giving you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Get More Agile With No-Code

Embrace unbeatable agility with Yotilla’s no-code approach and adapt quickly to new or evolving business requirements, simply by modifying your conceptual model. Yotilla takes care of the rest with built-in data warehouse automation, and its rapid adaptability empowers you to analyze your data and gain insights at unparalleled speed in the breakneck business landscape.

The Yotilla Impact

With YotillaWithout Yotilla
Conceptual modellingNo integrated conceptual modelling
No-code definition of business logicManual development and modelling of business logic
Fully automated logical & physical data modelsManual data modelling for all logical and physical data models
Fully automated data transformation & loading processesManually developed data transformation & loading processes
Fully automated historization of all loaded dataManually developed historization of data
Fully automated core layer with Data Vault (Raw Vault and Business Vault)Manually developed core layer
Fully automated Data MartsManually developed Data Marts
Fully automated workflow management with scheduling capabilitiesManually managed workflow
Fully automated change management (from requirement to Data Mart)Manual handling of changes
End-to-end Data Warehouse AutomationManual Data Warehouse development

Experience the Future of Efficiency with Yotilla

Unlock the full potential of your data with Yotilla. Our cutting-edge service is designed to streamline your processes, enhance productivity and transform the way you work. Take the first step and become truly data-driven.

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