The fastest, in-memory analytic database in the world. Only from EXASOL.

EXASOL combines innovative in-memory analytic database technology with unbeatable know-how to help you get the most from your data – more quickly, affordably and easily than ever before.

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Market leaders run EXASOL. Here’s why.

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Tableau Turbo Enterprise by EXASOL

Dramatically speed up your Tableau visualizations with EXASOL with the plug-and-play turbo solution for Tableau. Combining the enormous processing power of EXASOL and Tableau’s ad hoc visual data discovery puts the power of real-time big data in the hands of every user.
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Feature and product comparison matrix:

Feature and product comparison matrix

Ahead of the crowd. Always.

  • Independent TPC-H benchmark proves that EXASOL is the fastest analytic database
  • EXASOL ranks number one, by a significant margin, over other solutions
  • Leads in both raw performance and price on data volumes ranging from 100 GB to 100 TB
  • EXASOL has achieved a clean sweep in all categories in the ad hoc decision-support benchmark
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Flexible deployment.
Choose what’s right for you.

  • On-premise


    You have your own hardware? No problem. Download and install EXASOL and start analyzing today.

    • EXASOL runs on any standard x86 architecture
    • Install it in your existing infrastructure. EXASOL supports virtualized environments (including VMware, VirtualBox and KVM).
    • Get started with high-performance analytics in a matter of a few hours
    • EXASOL can complement other existing database usage
    • Just download, install and get started. It could not be simpler

    Want to get EXASOL and hardware as one package? Choose the appliance offering, plug it in and off you go.

    • Ideal for those who want a ready-to-run solution
    • As your requirements grow, an appliance upgrade is available at any time

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  • EXACloud


    Want us to host your database? No problem. EXACloud is the managed service you need.

    • Hosted and managed by EXASOL, EXACloud is a full database-as-a-service offering
    • EXACloud brings together EXASOL’s fast, in-memory analytic database with EXASOL’s expertise in data analytics
    • The service covers database installation, operation, administration, upgrades, 24x7 monitoring and incident management
    • Backed up by world-class data experts who are passionate about analytics and your success
    • Available through a transparent and volume-priced pricing model

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  • AWS

    Amazon Web Services

    Run EXASOL on AWS and benefit from the flexibility, scalability and elasticity of Amazon Web Services

    • Run complex analytic projects at a price that suits your budget
    • Spend more time on valuable BI, analytics and reporting as opposed to installing and maintaining an analytic database
    • Leverage the flexibility, scalability and elasticity of Amazon Web Services
    • Build and deploy analytic applications through a global network of AWS-managed data centers
    • Benefit from Amazon Web Services and its world-class cloud offering

    Run EXASOL on Amazon Web Services

  • MS Azure

    Microsoft Azure

    Access EXASOL via the Azure Marketplace and get started in just minutes via Azure Virtual Machines.

    • Get started with EXASOL today and only pay for the analytics you run
    • Access a production-ready, highly secure and scalable way to analyze data at breakneck speeds
    • Leverage the flexibility of Azure, with support for local storage and durable, highly available Azure Storage
    • Build and deploy analytic applications through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers
    • Benefit from Microsoft's world-class cloud offering

    Run EXASOL on Microsoft Azure

Run EXASOL. For Free.

You want to get started with analytics fast. That's why we offer everyone the chance to use EXASOL for free. So what is stopping you? Go ahead and download the Free Small Business Edition and unleash the power of EXASOL in your business – today.

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