Intelligent data analysis for relevant information

The migration to a data warehouse solution from EXASOL has helped XING take a big step forward. With improved system performance, it is possible to pose queries that previously had no chance of being answered.

  • The customer

    The customer

    The business network XING has been offering its members the option to manage professional and personal contacts within the social network since 2003. The business networking platform currently lists over 12 million members, with more than 5.5 million users coming from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • The initial situation

    The initial situation

    The Hamburg-based company has seen a marked increase in the number of members over the past few years. The volume of data grows with each new user. Enabling complex business intelligence tasks, however, completely overloaded the capacity of the database solution that was being used. The time to process data for one day has partially exceeded the 24-hour mark.

  • The solution

    The solution

    Since the start of 2009, XING has relied on the database management system EXASOL as the basis for internal analyses. Since then, data volumes have increased more than fivefold. Nevertheless, this huge data volume does not pose a problem for the in-memory database to supply time-critical analyses and complex ad hoc reports in the shortest possible time.